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...we're still here... and jack is not. i know we still have a few days til his actual due date but i am so ready!!!! keep your fingers crossed he comes soon :)


Parenting Advice

So, I found this on another blog and it made me laugh. Of course, it's common sense but some of the pictures are hilarious! haha. can't wait for our little one :)

Day 30-Your favorite song

Only 1! this is actually tough!!

i love just about anything by Something Corporate, Relient K, Dispatch, Counting Crows, Hootie and the Blowfish, and Rascal Flats.

My favorite song would probably be Out of My League by Steven Speaks tho. I know- sappy as it is- it's my song with Matthew, the one we danced to at the wedding, and the one that always brings good memories. I associate a lot of my life memories with songs and so as much as i LOVE all the bands above they all come with different memories- good and bad- that no matter how hard i try, the quick thought of that memory comes into my head.. With Out of My League, that memory is of when I first heard it. Jan 11, 2008 when Matthew told me this was one of his favorites on the CD he made for me when he proposed. i then think of how we danced at our wedding receptions and it was just perfect. wonderful memory + wonderful song= my favorite..

and I'm done with the 30 day challenge! WOW! I can't believe i actually did the whole thing :)


Day 29- What have you learned in the last month

I have learned a lot as I often do. Life is full of learning.
But most of all, I learned to not be afraid. As i looked back for pictures of old friends, or me a year ago, or who i wanted to marry, i remembered that before some of those things happened or worked out, there were some tough scary patches. i didn't know if i'd meet friends when i went out to college or if i'd find a good room mate, or my best friend, i didn't know if i could be happy with one person the rest of my life. and now, at times i felt scared or worried about having a kid, but this is just like those things above. it's going to be crazy- i know that. and i won't do everything right- i know that too.. but i know that i love him- i know that i can raise him to be a nice young man- and i know that i have my matthew to be by my side helping and supporting me the entire way...

life is going to change. things in the future might seem scary or huge but it can always be learned from and overcome. It's the way that God intended it to be.


Day 28-A picture of you from last year and now-how have you changed?

i've changed a lot in the last year.

Last year I had just graduated from college, just started my first full time job, and was enjoying life in utah. then my current position opened and after a conversation that surprised both matthew and i, i decided to apply. i got the job and we packed up and moved across the country in about a month. it was a crazy busy time in our lives... and here we are, a year later-- about to have our first baby and living a busy life....

last year to the left and this year below.


Day 27-Why you are doing this 30 day challenge

haha.. well, i started because i had nothing to blog about and thought it would be fun. i haven't really enjoyed it very much but i'm glad i've done it.. just a few days left and i'm glad that i stuck it through. hope i can keep up the blogging! i've gotten into a good habit :)


Day 26-What do you think about your friends

Well- I think this is a silly question!

My friends are AWESOME! duh. If they weren't awesome than I wouldn't be friends with them. Sure, I'd be "friendly" but we wouldn't hang out!

Anyway, my friends know who they are but they really are great. I have great friends from high school that even tho I don't talk to them as often as I'd like- I miss them and think of them often. It's the same with those I met and loved being with in college. Now that we're out here in MD, Matthew and I have made some great friends that we hang out with often..

Life is better with friends and I'm glad I have so many of them.


Day 25-What I would find in your bag

Well- the basics
wallet, pen, gum, and some medicine (headache, tums, etc)
a bag for my little brush and some light makeup.
cell phone if i'm out with my bag and my badge...
My HOSPITAL papers :) just in case i need to go to the hospital asap...

that's about it! i'm pretty simple!


Grateful Post

I love thinking of all the wonderful things that I'm blessed with in my life!!

-I'm 38 weeks today! i'm healthy and Jack is healthy and he'll be here soon. We're so excited!
-I took Friday off to enjoy a day of rest in case baby came early. It was a perfect day. We slept in, saw Harry Potter 7, and went shopping for baby! I had so much energy all day. I didn't feel sick or tired or really crampy. Best of all, I got to be with Matthew the whole entire day.
-Jack's room is just about finished. It's so dang cute!!
-I love seeing how excited Matthew is getting for Jack to come! He's gonna be such a cute dad!
-I'm going to be a mom soon. I mean, Jack is real and moving so I'm technically already a mom. but a real mom. one that stays up worrying and feeding and loving my little boy. it's a bit scary but so dang exciting.
- as i've been thinking a lot about being a mom- i've thought alot about my parents, matthew's parents, and those that influenced my life. i've been so blessed since i was little. i'm glad to know what i know and know that i can be confident in teaching those things to jack.
- it's thanksgiving this week! i love turkey day! i love being with family, although this year we'll be with our friends since we decided it best not to travel. but we're so excited for that too!

Day 24-A letter to your parents

Dear Mom and Dad--

Life is good. I know that growing up things were different then I'm sure you imagined. I don't think you thought you'd be raising us on our own- driving back and forth to bring Anton and I to visit the other. Sure, sometimes, we didn't like it but we made out alright. You taught me good values. You let me choose for myself the things that I know to be right. You'll know these things one day too. Thank you for giving me that freedom. Thank you for letting me be me all the time. As I get older, the more I realize how important you are in my life. Now that Matthew and I are starting our own little family, I realize how important it is to be strong and to know what I believe in. My little boy might be crazy like I was but if he grows up having learned all that I did, I'll be a proud parent.
Thank you..

Love, DeAnna

Dear Mom and Dad C--

You are wonderful! I am so in love with your son and he treats me better than I ever could have imagined possible. He wouldn't know how to do that if you hadn't taught him so well. You taught him to be strong in the gospel, to treat his family right, and to have passion about whatever it is he's doing in life. He's going to be such a great dad and that is so comforting. Thank you for raising Matthew to be the man that he is. My life is amazing because of it.

Love, DeAnna


Day 23-Something you crave for a lot

I ALWAYS crave pizza and even tho I have my favorites from the valley I can at least satisfy my craving by some other places around here..

however, Costa Vida chips and queso is my favorite queso I have ever eaten and they don't have it out here. i've tried others but the craving does not go away. When I went to Provo for 2 days in May, I ate chips and queso twice. I loved every minute of it!



Day 21-A picture of something that makes you happy& Day 22-What makes you different from everyone else

There are many things that make me happy :)

I could keep going but you get the idea :) family, friends, the fall, the temple, food. i really do have a good life :)

What makes me different:
well, many things. i'm tiny- aka fun sized and i love being this small. i have very independent, some say stubborn, personality. i am very forgiving. i want to see the best in people and try to let that be in front of everything else. little things frustrate me and tend to put me in a bad mood quickly. i'm in love like i never knew was even possible. i love my life.


Day 20-Someone you see yourself marrying or being with in the future

Best day of my life. matthew is my bestest friend and this picture i think describes it best. we had fun then. we have fun now. and we'll have fun forever <3 i love you baby!!


Day 19-Nicknames you have and why you have them

De: many of my friends and family call me this. pretty simple reason though- it's shorter than DeAnna!

Sweetie- my dear hubby calls me sweetie all the time :) because he likes me..hehe

Goober- my matthew also calls me this too. we don't really know how we started this but matthew says he calls me goober because it denotes cuteness :)

Peanut- family use to call me this all the time, although it's fading now. but it's because i'm tiny just like a peanut :)

i'm pretty sure that's all my nicknames!


Day 17-Someone you would want to switch lives with and why

So- I posted day 18 instead of 17 yesterday so here's 17 :)

You know- I know this is probably a lame answer but I dont think I want to switch places with anyone. I am married to my very bestest friend and we're getting ready to have our first little boy. However, if I could take them both with me when I switched places, I would choose someone who has enough money to support their extended family,  has a house paid off, and doesn't have to work full time. I wouldn't do it so that I could be lazy. I would do it so that Matthew and I can travel to the different sides of the country(and the middle!) to visit our family! Plane tickets are so expensive. I would do it so that Matthew and I can just stay home together and raise our little boy and neither one of us would miss a first of anything. I would do it so that I could serve those around me and give them gifts and things when they are in need.

But- I would never do it without my Mathew!

If I was switching for just the day- i'd switch with someone rich in Italy and I would eat at the best authentic places and I would go on a little boat in Venice and fly to all the other big cities!


November Picture Post

I know! My 3rd post of the day! Be sure to check the last few :)
October was busy and November isn't slowing down any. There are a bunch of pics to post and baby will be here end of December so I didn't want to wait to post. I'm at 37 weeks now and officially "full term". We're excited for our little guy to come. Life is good and I know life will be so different when the little one is here but he'll be cute :) You can check Facebook for more :)

 gifts from SPASMs


handmade choc covered pretzels that have little feet or BABY!!




amy and risa

our family :)

my momma!

one of my favorites!

hehe.. i told him he's always talking to my belly I should talk to his so it doesn't get jealous. haha. i guess there's a baby in mine tho!

another favorite!


matthew trying to make his equal to mine! HAHA

that's all for now :) hope you enjoyed them!

Grateful Post

This week I've had so many things to be grateful for:

- My mom has been in town and she has helped keep things clean around the house, spent time with Matthew and I, and planned a WONDERFUL shower.
-Matthew is always wonderful. He helps around the house, makes dinner, and does everything he can to make me feel comfortable. Last night, he turned on the light in the room to get something and then walked back out to the living room. I was SO sore I couldn't get myself to move to turn it off and when I called for him, he ran back in to shut it off- and didn't make me feel lazy for not moving less than 10 feet.
-I have really good doctors that know what they are doing. They answer my questions patiently and express genuine excitement when I talk about feeling the baby move or getting things ready for his arrival.
- My team at work threw a surprise baby shower for me the last hour of work on Friday. We had snacks and games and they gave us a very generous gift card. I don't remember if I've ever really had a surprise party but they did so good at keeping everything quiet and I just LOVED it.
-The baby shower my mom put together was awesome! Dani put one together in PA which was also awesome. and the work one was great too! I am soo lucky to have great family and friends!
- We got some really great things for little Jack. He's so spoiled already! We've hardly had to buy anything on our own. We have a few things left to get but have a good amount in gift cards that we'll be able to use to get the last few things! We even got a Video monitor today! There really are some great people in the world who love us :)
- I have loved being pregnant- I have been lucky and mostly comfortable. Don't get me wrong- I'm ready for him to come. I can't wait to meet him and we are so blessed that Heavenly Father would trust us with such a little innocent soul.

Day 18-Plans/dreams/goals you have

I"m a planner, dreamer, and goal setter so I really could make this post forever- but since it's Sunday (and I have my grateful post) and I have some fun pictures to post. I'll keep this post short :)

-I plan to spend eternity with my very bestest friend.

- I dream about raising our little family to be married in the temple. I dream about living in a home that they love to be in and one that is filled with love and energy and the spirit.

- My goal is to be happy forever. Life isn't always easy and things will go wrong. but I have my family, and my friends, and the gospel. Life will go on- and it'll be good in the end and hopefully i can enjoy the bulk of it in between :) 


Day 16-Another picture of yourself

Matthew and I are taking pictures tomorrow- so I'll post an old one now before the little guy was very "large" and chilling around my waist. this weekend I'll post more recent ones of Matthew and I :)

This one is at Monticello..


Day 15-Put your ipod or shuffle on-first 10 songs that play

Just so you know- I am changing my i pod right now in prep for baby so I'm doing this from my itunes :)

You'll be in my heart- phil collins
santa baby- taylor swift
recently- DMB
what you are- DMB
i woke up in a car- something corporate
i just wanna live- good charlotte
the astronaut- something corporate
call my name- dispatch
fearless- taylor swift
modd rings- relient k

:)ahh.. good music.


Day 13-A letter to someone who has hurt you recently

I haven't recently been hurt by anyone but i've been frustrated and that causes stress so i guess in it's own respect causes me to hurt.

Dear______, (choosing to keep the anonymity- or whatever that word is)
  Do what you are suppose to do. Is it really that difficult? I really don't think so.
Sincerely, DeAnna

Dear _______,
  We have the right to make our own choices. We will make them and they will be respected. I hope you understand.
Sincerely, DeAnna

wow- that actually felt nice. :)


Day 12-How you found out about blogger and why you have one

Well- I don't remember how I found out about blogger but here is my first post ever-


The Beginning

well. not to much to write tonight. but I just wanted to start a blog mostly so I can keep trak of everyone else's because my computer is broken so i don't ave anyof the links in my favorites...matt is down in LV this weekend for a wrestling trip so i'm just bored. will get some rest tonight:) more later.

guess that answers the question! :)


Day 11-Another picture of you and your friends

Since I've posted some of friends already, I thought I'd post some funny ones. :)


Grateful Post

Since I'm already posting everyday for the 30 day challenge, I'm going to post 7 things I'm grateful for each Sunday. This will take care of the week.

November is a time when everyone writes of all the things they're grateful for. i'm grateful for these things all year but what a time to share these things with you. :)

This week, I am grateful for:
- my wonderful husband who has helped me so much, especially lately. he makes dinner and cleans, and makes sure i'm comfortable. he knows it's important to me for our house to be clean but he also knows i'm so tired since i'm not sleeping well and so he does most of it. i'm so glad i get to do this, do everything, with him.
- the beautiful fall foliage. I love this time of year. I love looking out my window and seeing the trees and driving to work and looking at all the colors. such a beautiful expression of the work of God.
-my family. near and far they are wonderful. they support me in all things. i love my family that raised me, i love those that were close like family who taught me, and i love my inlaws. i heard so many horror stories of inlaws and i'm so grateful that mine are super awesome.
-the gospel. the gospel makes me strong. it teaches me of other things i am grateful for...
-like my Savior. His atonement takes care of my tough days, the days when i make bad choices, and the days when i just don't do something good. He heals me in all things. He loves me and lifts me up.
- our apartment. we have a cute little place but it's ours. it's full of things that make my life wonderful, pictures of wonderful memories, and books that i've enjoyed, and movies and games from date nights with my hubby. it has air conditioning and heat and water.
-our car. we can go to the store when we want or need to, matthew can drive me to work so that i don't have to walk up the hill from the metro, and we can go to church activities and drive to visit family.

more to come next week. what are you grateful for?

Day 10-Songs you listen to when you're bored, happy, sad, mad, hyped

I love music! I would listen to it more but Matthew and I usually enjoy different music- so we take turns between music and tv...
I love to listen to Relient K and Something Corporate in any mood. As well as counting crows, 10000 maniacs, hootie and the blowfish, rascal flats, and many others. if i need to get pumped up, i listen to more of matthew's music although i don't know all the artists- whatever is fast paced and motivating. i also enjoy church/efy music.

music can  change your mood from happy to sad and sad to better, bored to entertained. good music is sometimes hard to find as more and more of it is becoming junk but it's still one of my favorite things.

 not a big fan of the radio- to many stupid songs and commercials but if i have it on, i prefer country.


Day 9-Something you're proud of in the past few days

 getting the baby's room completely organized. at least- with everything we have so far...
 packing the hospital bag....
 figuring out what we still need...



What a wonderful time of year October is. It was beautiful weather. We had nice days and some rainy days, and windy days, but most of all we had the changing of leaves. There are still many pretty trees here but they were the best a few weeks ago.  Here are some of our most recent pics.. since I know that's why your here anyway :)

the flowers matthew got me :)

our night out seeing the monuments with matthew's cousin and family

it was windy and cold!!

cub scout trip to the fire house. 

matthew's halloween costume

my halloween costume
isn't he cute :)

35 weeks!

baby love  :)

October came and went so fast-  I can't believe we're already into November already. baby is expected within the next month and i'm so excited for him to come. matthew and i wanna see what he looks like and play with his little hands and feet and nibble on his cheeks. life is good. we're excited :)