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I definetly don't post as often as i'd like. but life is really busy right now!!

I have posted a bunch of pictures below but it’s being silly and not letting me type in the post as well so here you get it in two different posts. Oh well.
Some info about the pictures in the post below!!
There are just some cute ones, one with his Coci Aileen and great Grams.. There's one of me after Mr. Clean woke me up to feed Jack(I had fallen back asleep over my legs..haha) Jarhead loves when Daddy takes breaks to play with him and Mr. Clean is such a great dad! Jarhead always smiles when he sees him.. the one where Jarhead is bundled in all those blankets is when we laid him down in the power outage. He really did smile so much that day-even though it was 55 in the apt! He's such a good little boy and we love him soo much!

Here is also a CUTE pic of Eva looking over the pack and play to peek at Jarhead. They're going to be good friends :)

February has come and is already almost gone. Grandma and Dad came in the beginning of the month so that Gram could be here while I went back to work and we figured everything out. She also wanted some time with the little man! and he has LOVED having her here:)

Work was draining and I missed Jarhead from the moment I left until the moment I came home. I spent part of my day making his milk and the rest keeping busy. I knew my heart was at home. One day, I came home and Jarhead was sleepy and starting to cry in his pack and play. My gramma told me from the other end of the room, “he likes it when you rock his pack and play from the side.” It made me so sad. I am so glad that she was able to help but I knew right then that I was 100% positive that I wanted to know those things about Jarhead. I wanted to be home with him and I wanted to take care of him. My last day at work is Mar 4. I love my job. I love my employees and my coworkers but I love my Jarhead more and that is what I want to do with my life. I want to raise him and be with him all the time.
So that’s where I am. I have 5 days left in the business world. 5 days until I start my newest adventure. 5 days until I become a real stay at home mom and do stay at home mom things like laundry and cleaning and encouraging Jarhead to roll over. It’s a new adventure and I am ready for it.

Jarhead is doing great.. he's growing well.. I FINALLY have the birth announcements almost ready to go out... We're not sending to everyone so here is the note we are sending out with his announcement:

Hey There!
I know, I know- I was born about 2 ½ months ago and my parents are just now sending my birth announcement. To say the least, things have been crazy around here! However, the perk of waiting a few months to see my cute little baby face is that you get to hear how I am doing now!
At my 2 month checkup, the doctor said I was 21 7/8 inches (20% for my age) and 10 lb 13 oz (25% for my age). (My head is 40 ½ cm BTW- 60%. Guess I’m gonna be smart! hehe) Even though I was born a bit bigger than some, I decided I wanted to fit into my family more J
I LOVE my bath or shower time, naps, bouncy seat, swing, walks in the carrier, TV, when mommy and daddy talk to me, and riding in the car. I am very alert and love to look at new things around me. When my parents take me to new stores or people’s houses, I try to skip my nap so I can look around. My parents think I’m great because I like to sleep at night. For about 5 weeks now, I sleep from about 11p to 7a. I’m trying really hard to roll over but I’m not quite there yet but I can lift my head pretty good to look around. Well, it’s time for my nap now. Love you Lots!

Life is wonderful.



on our way back up the hill

I'm really tired so I'm not going to post right now but I hate coming to my blog and seeing that my latest post is a frustrated one. after the power outage, we were able to come home... we had to toss all the freezer food and about 1/2 to 3/4 of our fridge food... It was crappy. Our fish died too- all but the sucker fish. Even though I hated those fish, it was sad to think that their little bodies froze. Then after on Wed, Mr. Clean went to Utah until Friday and then we enjoyed a few days home alone (even if it was filled with mostly cleaning). Gram and Dad came on Tuesday. and Gram is staying until March...
i'll give you all the detailed updates and pictures soon but things are better... it's still crazy and it's busy but sometimes we just have to have the tough times. life is getting better. it finally feels like the clouds are clearing and what a good feeling that is.
:) good night.