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The walking little man!

I can't believe November is just about over! It was such a fun month! I'll post about it later but for now you can see the little jarhead walking... sorry it's from behind.. i kept trying from the front but he'd drop and crawl to the camera.... it's so fun to watching him waddle all over! my favorite thing about this video is that hes so persistant.. he just keeps on trying- even when he falls! enjoy and more pics will come soon!


GrAtEfUl NoVeMbEr!!

Sometimes the things that our government does drive me nuts. However, i am still so grateful to be living in America. This is the promised land. It is where I have religious freedom and I can say and do just about anything I want. Even tho sometimes it feels like it's a crazy place to be- I'd rather be here than a lot of other places..

(unless maybe an island that I owned and ruled! p.s. only family and friends would be allowed on this island. no stupid people!)


GrAtEfUl NoVeMbEr!!

I'm so lucky to have great in-laws.
I'm grateful for them for 2 specific reasons. 
1: They raised Mr. Clean to be a WONDERFUL husband and father. He's a great best friend, honest, faithful, fun, and responsible. T
2: From the moment I met them, I knew I would love them. It was Dec 22, 2008 and I was flying home for Christmas. They came to Utah to spend Christmas with Mr. Clean and his sister.. So, it was a quick hello before Mr. Clean drove me to the airport. You would have thought I'd known them all my life. I got a big hello and a cute Christmas gift. I was welcomed right away into their family and treated as a daughter from then on. 

I love Mr. Clean's parents. It's awesome to look forward to vacations at their house or visits when they come to Utah. I know a few people that love their spouse's family but wouldn't choose to spend their afternoon with them. This last time Mom C was in- we had a great time! It was fun to spend time with her and J & M!  I also have a lot in common with Mom C. When we're together we do crafts and go shopping and talk about how cute her grandkids are. I feel like I'm constantly forming a stronger relationship with them. Mr. Clean is also really close with his parents and I know that he is really grateful to have them to go too- whether it's something as simple as a cooking question or something deeper.

Most people are lucky to have one great set of parents, but I'm lucky enough to have 2 great sets!

 and how awesome is that!


GrAtEfUl NoVeMbEr!

I have awesome parents.

I dont remember much about growing up, however, one thing i do remember is having fun with my parents.

My mom is super cool. She taught me how to do new things, make old things better, and look outside the box. She is spontaneous and showed me that you can have fun- even as an adult. There are a lot of things we have in common- things I didn't see when I was in high school... I'm glad that my teenage years didn't reflect the relationship we'd have now. Even though I can't go back and change that time, I can make up for it now. I'm glad that my mom is my friend and that I can go to her with anything <3 She's also a great grandma and Jarhead loves her!

I use to think my dad was more on the quiet side. Now that I've gotten older, i've realized it's just because i was a punk teenager who didn't like to spend time at home! I love sports. I love playing sports and my dad is AWESOME at teaching! especially things he's passionate about. He let me be in all the sports I wanted to growing up so that I could spread my wings and decide the one that was best for me. When I joined soccer in highschool, he was a crazy fan! I know that I am a daddy's girl and I'm so grateful for that! He's also a great grandpa and loves spending time with Jarhead. I'm super excited he is coming next month for Jarhead's first birthday and to spend almost a week with us!

The thing about my parents that I am most grateful for is that they trusted me and let me make decisions for myself. When I joined the church, When I chose what sport to play (or not to play), When I chose my college and my major, When I got married, etc. They taught me the things I needed to know and guided me in the right direction. I have been stronger in the choices I have made because I knew they were right behind me- supporting me.  I may not have made all the choices they have made- or that they would have made- but they let me make the decisions that were best for me.


GrAtEfUl NoVeMbEr!!

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is on this earth and I know about it. It makes my life better and makes me happier. every.single.day.

When I first found The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I had no idea the impact it would have on my life. It has affected my decisions, my thoughts, and how I feel about certain things that happen. Basically, it has affected who I am and who I have become--and I am a better person because of it. 
Here are just a few specific instances of why I am so grateful.

- In high school, I could have gotten in a lot of trouble. Knowing my purpose in life, helped me make better decisions. 
-When I was accepted to a few colleges, I was able to pray and be inspired to choose the right one- I chose the one where I would later meet Mr. Clean.:)
-It taught me that marriage can be forever- if done by the proper authority in the proper place.
-It taught me that i can be with my family forever. What a wonderful blessing.
-When we were going thru some pretty crazy trials at the beginning of this year, I was grateful to know that I could turn to my Father in Heaven in prayer and be heard and be helped. 
-I know that even on days that are difficult,my Heavenly Father has a plan for me. I don't always see that plan but He sees all things and I know that His plan is best.
-2ce a year, I get to listen to His prophets and apostles and learn about the things that He needs me to hear.


GrAtEfUl NoVeMbEr!!

I love my friends!

 I've moved around a lot in my life and I've had friends everywhere I've gone. I have my good friends back home and those from college and from MD. I'm really grateful for all of my friends and everything they have done for me over the years. Everyone has helped me with something different in my life.

Right now, I have some friends that live SUPER CLOSE- in my complex. Do you know how awesome it is to have friends within walking distance- even on a cold snowy/rainy day? Also, my friends are always willing to watch Jarhead- whether it's for a date, to visit newborn babies, or to exercise. They tell me that I'm a happy person. Generally, I am happy. But if i'm having a bad day- I remember that and I always feel better. They help me be a better person. They've helped me learn that I actually enjoy running and exercising. I've learned more about different crafts and cooking and parenting. Moving to Utah after everything that happened in the beginning of the year was difficult. We were nervous and anxious. Even tho we didn't plan to end up where we did, I'm glad we chose to live here. I'm lucky to have the best friends in the world. I know that I can count on them no matter what- good days and bad- and I'd be willing to do the same for them..
and that's a good feeling. 

Here are some (although not all!) pictures of other good friends i've had over the years... i love you lots- even if your pic is not included here! i can't post a hundred pictures!! lol



GrAtEfUl NoVeMbEr

I know- they're the same as from facebook but i do it here so i can add pictures and write more :)

today, i'm grateful for sisters...

 I am really lucky to have married such a great guy. I'm even more lucky that he has a great family.. Now that he and his 2 siblings are here in Utah, we get together a lot. It's always fun. Today, J&M and I went with the kiddies to IKEA. It was a good girls day out (plus Jarhead)... i'm grateful that I have 2 great sisters that I get to be friends with and do things with! It's also fun our kids will grow up together- at least for the next few years while the hubbies are in school....

I was lucky enough to have a sister for 9 years of my life growing up...  Of course, our parents split up before we were both in high school and so she and i didn't get to be as close as i thought we would be when we were younger. i dont talk to her nearly often enough and our kids don't know each other. but i miss her and i think of her often. Sadly- this picture is about 5 or 6 years old- the last time I saw her...

Even though I am my parent's only little girl- I was given some great girls that i can call my sisters. I love you  and today that's what  I'm grateful for <3


GrAtEfUl NoVeMbEr!!

My little Jarhead is so happy! Just look at this cute face- how can you not smile when you see him?

He makes me smile just holding him. He makes me want to be a better person because when he gets older I want him to look up to me and want to be a better person. I always want to teach him the right things. 

I am blessed to be able to have a wonderful little boy. <3


Pillow Video!

I just posted with pics so check that out below :) but i finally got some video of Jarhead beating up the pillows!

October and a Grateful November!

This time of year is my FAVORITE! I love the fall! I love that the leaves are falling everywhere.. Of course, we're in Utah so it's starting to get cold- but this has been by far the best fall I've ever had in Utah (and LONGEST!) The other reason I love this time of year is because it is full of Holiday Fun! i love the holidays. As a kid, I didn't like to decorate but I did because we did it as a family but now- I love it! I need more Thanksgiving ones tho! I have a good amount of Halloween and a ton of Christmas but not much for in between! Guess that's what i'll be working on this next week!
Thanksgiving is a great holiday! It reminds us to be thankful! I tend to think I'm a grateful person most of the time- remembering my blessings and where they come from  but we could all use the extra reminder to be thankful for even the small things..

Today- I'm thankful for my very best friend. He supports me in all things. He works so I can stay home. He goes to school so we can support our family better later. He reminds me that little things don't always matter. He helps me let go and relax. He helps me be more me. He's a great dad and encourages me to be a better mom...He makes me happy and I love him.

We also had a GREAT October!! Enjoy some fun pictures...

dressed for church! my handsome boys!! 

He likes to stand in this corner.. haha 

When Mom C came in October, we went to Gardner Village. It was alot of fun and we ate a SUPER yummy lunch! best fries ever!! 

Lounging with dad while watching TV 

The skirt Mom C helped me make! I love it! It's SO comfy  and was a lot of fun to do! I'll make another one soon!!

We LOVE Fall and Leaves!!

Jarhead has been sleepy alot lately- and extra snuggly <3 

The EQ of the ward put together a pinewood derby.... There were no rules so it was a bit crazy- but everyone had a good time.. mr. Clean came in 10th overall. 

Looking so old in his Sunday outfit! 

Mr. Clean and Jarhead dressed as Calvin and Hobbes and I was Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween. I used my coat at Mr. Clean's work but it was SO nice out when we went trick or treating so i sewed up the second picture in about 10 min! i was so proud of myself :)