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Great Weekend

This weekend was wonderful. Friday we went up to the Cheesecake Factory and I FinALLy found a meal that i love. chicken with lemon sauce and mashed potatos and asparagus. we got a yummy lemon raspberry cheesecake. it was so gooD:) saturday was our first relaxing saturday in a very long time. we saw taken, pretty much the movie of the year. it wasn't scary and you have no doubt the liam neeson(sp?) is going to kick trash. he is like the coolest dad in this show and it was awesome. we then walked around the mall and i got new cute sneakers:) and a purse for $25. awesome! then we came home, watched another movie and had shrimp and rice for dinner:) for my gift matt got me a fondue maker and so we also enjoyed banannas and strawberry's with fondue. super awesome gift! i got him a body pillow which he thinks is the best gift ever! :) he also got a back scratcher thing for the shower and mint shower gel. he loves it:) i was very excited... i love relaxing, it's such a wonderful feeling. i hope your vday was as great as ours:)