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Yay! I'll be caught up after this post! woot woot!
I turned 26 this month! I got sick with the dumb flu this month.
But we also found out we were having a boy! and Mr. Clean and Jarhead did not catch my flu!
Enjoy some pictures!

tired but still.must.play.

i let him "help" put the flour/sugar in their buckets! he loved it but man is flour a beast to clean up!

pretending to put in the bay leaves

look at those cute feet!

a new seat!

i love when he wears mr.clean's hats! they look so cute!

reading to his dog and his bear! his stuffed animals and little "guys" also get diaper changes, naps, time outs, and fed on a regular basis.

Little Man #2 is 22 weeks along!

and since the camera was out, Jarhead wanted a picture! so snazzy in his church outfit!

i know- picture overload! but i'm caught up!! yayy :) happy reading :)

December- PART 2

Part 2 is post all the family visits- starting with Santa pics and then time in PA!

Jarhead was so excited to see Santa!

Merry Christmas!!! We loved having Christmas with my family. Unfortunately  it was the first time since Mr. Clean and I got married! It was fun to do all of the traditions that I did growing up. Jarhead loved having someone to play with 24/7! He also loved all of the yummy food!

wiped out!

my Christmas cookie is yummy!

My cousin Tanner got his Eagle Award! We are so proud of him!

Happy New Year!

Mr. Clean and I got to go away overnight! Child Free! My grandma watched Jarhead during the day while my dad and aunts took him in the evenings. We were so glad to get away. Mr. Clean had never been to Philly and it had been a long time since I had gone! It was SOOO cold and I was still sick but we loved it!

cool view of the city!

always loves to put advertising in of his favorite products. Here is PowerAde! 

i have videos of Mr. Clean running the steps! ( he did it twice) and I walked up them and did the modified Pregnant run up the last little section..HAHA!

Jarhead's favorite spot at GiGis!

me and gram!

what a great fun month! we're so grateful for family!