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April went by SO fast. I can't believe it! We had a bunch of family come to visit and then we got sick enough that it took us all out for a little more than a week. Then we were crazy busy trying to catch up on all that we didn't do around the house while family was in and while we were sick! To top it all off, Mr. Clean started school yesterday.. 
Otherwise, things here have been going really well! 

Jarhead::The little Jarhead is growing up so fast. He recently went thru a growth spurt and can get onto our chairs and almost onto the couch. If he pulls up a book or can grab on something on the couch, he can do it. He hasn't gained any weight tho.. Such a little munchkin! We just cut his hair. He's had trims before so it wasn't in his eyes or didn't look mullet-like but this is his first real haircut... He wouldn't sit still when we tried to cut it and in the end we didn't like how it came out so we buzzed it to about an inch length and it looks really cute... he rubbed his head the whole next day! it was funny!! He's getting much more playful with his friends.. When we were finally feeling better and went to a play group, he was laughing and reaching to get down as soon as he saw his friend T! They followed each other around the whole time and did what the other was doing. They hardly fought over any toys even! haha!! He LOVES to play outside and gets really excited when we put on his shoes! He finally had a successful bath the other night! What a relief- especially since he loves the sand outside and a bath every night will be needed! He actually cried when we had to take him out.. Try two will be tonight so hopefully he still loves it! He's learning so much these days! He knows where his ears, nose, tongue are, and occasionally his belly, hair, and hands. He likes to play patty cake but does the motions for "patty-cake patty cake, roll it, you and me!" those much be his favorite. He loves to read- more on his own then with me.. He babbles to himself as he turns the pages. He has about 5 words now- mom, dada, hi, gone, and byebye.. he says "baybay" for wrestle. He's getting better at telling us "no" by shaking his head when he's done eating or playing with something. He puts his hand out and shakes it when he wants something or more of what he has. He also goes to his highchair when he wants to eat and goes to the fridge for more milk! 

DeMom: There's not really much going on with me! I've just been busy running after Jack and training for some races that are coming up. I just love being home with the little man. I love that it's getting warmer and we get to spend more time outside. I'm happier and so is the little man when we get time outside... It also helps that we see more of our friends!

Mr.Clean:  As I said, he's started school now. He's excited to be started and is glad that he enjoys what he is studying! Math is NOT for me but he's like a calculator so it's not that hard for him! He's excited for the warmer weather and found some more friends that love to golf so that's where he'll be spending some of his saturdays. he didn't get to go much last summer so i hope he'll find some time to go more this summer! 

Here's some pictures from our month!   Here is when Mom C came and the rest of the month.. The next post will be from my family's visit!

just some cute pics of the little man

LOVED when his grandma came to visit. He loved to use her as a tunnel and had a fun playing under the blanket (he thinks that it's a fort).. he also loved all the time he got to spend with his cousins! it was good couple of days. We were also able to watch general conference while she was here and i heard more of it than i planned to with him running around. he was pretty good the whole time!

IKEA day!

likes to sit here to watch TV!

layed in this and tried to roll around!! so funny!

yayy! T is here to play! :)

All my baby's hair is gone! I love it short too tho!  He's cute either way. He got to eat snacks and play with my phone during the ordeal so he was mostly entertained. It's crazy how much hair he had!

he's going to miss Mr. Clean being home so much! he runs to the gate when he comes home. He loves to "baybay" and sit on mr.clean- especially his head! 

in a few days i'll post my family's trip! 



Guess I'm a little behind! Geez- so much happened in April, it's hard to remember what happened in March! but here's some pictures to tell the story ;)

he's always loved whipped cream and he found it while i was in the fridge one day!

we LOVE our pizza! yumm :)

made some yummy donuts.. wasn't a fan of the glazed ones as much but the cin sugar ones were GREAT!

ahh! aren't my boys so cute! i LOVE them!

                                                                     PB face!

and climbing again...
and again! he loves it!

went to the aquarium with my mom's cousin! she loved playing with jack.. it was a good time :) 

march was fun and relatively slow which was nice considering how busy April was! that post will come soon!!

this video isn't super exciting but the family wanted one and this is what i've got for now! haha!!

life is good- and that makes us happy!


Time Flies!

Can you believe our little man has gone from this 

                                                              to this?!? 

It's so crazy to me! But he is still the cutest ever!
well, enjoy some videos while you're here :)