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child :)

 we're having a BOY! :)
and we are sooo super excited :)



My new goal is to post at least 1ce a month... we'll see how it goes. Since pictures are more fun-- here you go.

Since we were sooo busy in May, we pushed off celebrating our 2 year anniversary until June. We decided to go to Atlantic City. It was a little ghetto but the boardwalk was soo fun! we just walked around, ate YUMMY food, saw the COOLEST candy store ever, and ate in a "rainforest". We also played mini golf and just had a great time. I can't believe it's been 2 years since we were married... I have the best husband ever <3 We had a blast!

We enjoyed our first round of golf for the summer. 
We went to California to visit Cali. No pictures of our new niece but she was super cute :) Mom took wayy more pictures than us and we're still waiting to get them so there may be more to come from this vacation. It was nice and relaxing.I made jewlery... and  Matthew got to golf..2ce! and once at a real PGA course! he was s uper excited. plus, it was just nice to be with family for a week :) 
from our room... 

i think this is the PGA one... 

and just last week we took the cub scouts on a fishing trip. The younger brother of one of the boys caught the only 2 fish of the day but i think the boys still had fun!

June flew by and I can't belive it's already the middle of July!! July has many exciting things planned for us. Last weekend- on sat we went to the ward's pancake breakfast, went swimming at a friends, had dinner and watched sandlot. sunday we went to church and then down to the mall area to get ready for the fireworks with those same friends! it was sOOOO hott but we tried to stay in the shade.. we played a dice game and ate snacks and had GREAT seats for the fireworks. Monday we all got food and drove down to sandy pt beach. it was really a ton of fun. i didn't take nearly as many pictures as i wanted too but at least here are some from the fireworks!!!

sad after losing a round of Zilch

This weekend, our friend, Kyle (Matt's old roomate) is in the area for buisness. Well, he'll be here a lot of the summer but today he's spent the day with us... We went down to Tyson's corner for lunch and to get him and then we came back so the boys could play Tiger Woods. After a few hours of that, they went to the real range to hit a few balls. Tomorrow, after church, we'll watch the World Cup and have some yummy foods. It's been super fun and Matthew was really excited to see him..
Next weekend is free.. Really?!? We're super excited!
The weekend after that, Dad, Dani and Paige will be spending some time with us and the Wed- Sun after they leave Gram, the cousins, and 2 aunts will be here to visit DC. 
I promise to take many many pictures.. 
Much Love! 



And then shall it come to pass that the spirits of those who are righteous are received into a state of happiness, which is called paradise, a state of rest, a state of peace, where they shall rest from all their troubles, and from all care, and sorrow. Alma 40:12

i read this this morning and it made me remember this is why we are here. sometimes life is fantastic. sometimes its super crappy. sometimes it just there. but no matter what is going on, no matter what is happening or what will happen, one day, the stressful-ness will be gone. and then, every crappy thing will be made worth it. it's worth it to make it through.

::Sigh:: life is good when you know what's going on.