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Our Story

Well, I've had a few friends get engaged these last few weeks and a few married friends post their cute engagement/ meeting of the spouse stories.... So, being bored, I am going to add to their stories with my own.
First, I created a scrapblog that i will share that has our basic story and some fun pictures..

Matthew and I met July 23, 2007. i drove across country and got to utah on July 22. I stayed the night in a hotel and apartment searched in the morning. I ended up at Roman Gardens. After carrying up MANY very heavy boxes, Matthew's roomate, Nick, asked if I needed help. He was my first friend in the complex. Nick helped me with my last few boxes, asked me on a date, and then took me to meet some friends of his in the complex. The boys of 211 were good friends with Amy and Erica and so those girls and the boys of 211 became my friends. Nick and I dated on and off over the next couple months.
Our first big experience: In August, we all went on a hike to the springs in Spanish Fork. Matthew and Kyle received some misinformation about how long the hike was and became quite frustrated with me because it was a lot longer than they thought. I thought they were such mean people and Matthew(as I later found out) thought he and I would never even be friends again after that.
The next experience: The hike really didn't have many long term effects, neither of us held the grudge. The end of October comes around and it's time for the HALLOWEEN DANCE! I love dances. Nick came with me but then decided he didn't want to stay and left. I danced with "my group". Matthew pulled me to the middle of the floor to dance...That next Sunday, I had come home from church early and stopped by 211. Matthew was the only one home(his sister was sick or something) We talked a couple of hours. Sunday night at ward prayer we were talking about movies that were good. He mentioned Star Dust and I thought it sounded cool. We planned on going on Tuesday night at the dollar theatre.
Monday night: FHE was interesting. I didn't know if Tuesday night was a date. The boys of 211 didn't usually go to FHE but it just so happened that both Matt and Nick were there. When I walked in they were both sitting on the love seat and both scooted over for me to sit in the middle. Great, in the middle of the boy i had dated and the one i wanted to start dating. haha.
Tuesday: Still not sure if that night was suppose to be a date. Matthew called and invited me for slurpees before. I realized noone else from the group was going so I assumed it was a date. It was my last first date, and it was wonderful.

Around the beginning of December, I realized I was in love with my cute boyfriend. One night when I asked what he was thinking, he told me he loved me. Of course, I told him I loved him too. A few weeks after that, I was making our Sunday dinner, and I sat him down and rattled on about how I didn't know what being in love meant to him. I wanted to marry him but I didn't know if that's what he was thinking. He later confessed that he knew that was what I was thinking but enjoyed watching me try to find the words to bring it up. We started looking casually at rings a few weeks later. The end of December came and I went home for a painfully long 18 days for Christmas break. During this time, Matthew called around to talk with not only my father, but my mother and another close family friend. What a Sweetheart!

January 11: I knew Matthew had some fun, cute date planned for my birthday. He said we'd be home early and I thought that was weird since I was NEVER home early. But, I didn't think much of it. We went to the Cheesecake Factory but he said the wait was too long because he wanted to be somewhere afterwords. No big deal, we went to Olive Garden. Enjoyed a nice dinner during which he kept texting his sister.(which was also weird) He prolonged paying the check which we never did (because we had eaten 'to fast'. haha). We then left and went to a cute little gazebo off of Bangater Highway. There were Christmas lights hung all over, a sleeping bag and blanket layed out along with all my birthday gifts. I hugged him, felt something in his pocket but figured it was his cell phone or wallet just in a different pocket than usual.(you'd think by this point I wouldn't have pieced some of the "weird events" together) Nonetheless, we sat down and I opened all of my gifts and smelled my roses. Everything was so Beautiful!! He had printed off some of his journal entries for me to read of some of our most special days. I thought it was the best birthday I had ever had. He then said the last part of my birthday celebration was to see our visitor. Confused, I stood up to see who was coming. As I looked around I turned back to try and convince him to tell me, I saw he was kneeling with a box in his hand. I don't remember all that he said but i know he was nervous and excited. All I could think of was how perfect this moment was, how perfect he was for me, and how I never could have imagined that saying one word would be so excited. After I said yes, his sister and her friend popped out of the bushes to congratulate us. The first person I told was the lady who was unloading her groceries across the street from the gazebo. We had put my gifts in the car and I was bursting with excitement i just couldn't wait. Matthew knew I would want to call and tell my family, hence planning the earlier date so I wouldn't be calling them in the middle of the night. I fell asleep that night a completely different person. My life was about to change more than I could have ever imagined.
Matthew and I were married May 10,2008 in the Mt. Timpanogos temple. It was a perfect day.

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Work is Good.

Life is good. Work has been super busy but fantastic. I think I mentioned I've been put on this "special team". Today i finished my very first project all on my own. My last project was technically my first but I got help during all the steps. It was so exciting! Hopefully all turns out well but so far so good. anyway, i'm quite proud of myself. :)