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::Sigh:: :)

I decided you needed a good entry. :)

Really, not that much is new. We're busy- as young married couples tend to be. I'm still loving my job and i love the people that i work with. I miss some of my good friends in provo, but i'm often talking with them- even if it's mostly work. Many people ask what I do. I'm a supervisor at the DC office of Ancestry.Com. During the day, I make runs to the archives to exchange records and then help the team scan those records. Mostly, it's a lot of answering questions, fixing problems, having 1 on 1's, and making spreadsheets. I'm quite tired by the time i get home. i take the metro to and from work- which is actually quite awesome. I really do enjoy reading- but due to lack of time, i've been a slacker at it for- ummmm.. 5 years. So I read ever morning on the metro. I'm on my 3rd book since November. Plus I read 2 over the Christmas holiday. :)Sometimes i'll read the paper or something, but i prefer the news online anyway. When I get home from work, we usually have dinner and then I try to work out. Mondays- FHE, Tuesdays- Boy Scouts, 1st wed of the month- Missionaries for dinner, and 1ce a month- Ward temple night. We don't have many free nights. i'll start teaching the 7 turning 8 year old children in Primary this week and I'm super excited! What a great year- they will get baptized! :)

Matthew is busy too. He's so awesome. makes me breakfast, lunch, and dinner. he also cleans the house and runs most of the errands. If he didn't, we'd never have a free day because we'd be running all day saturday! i know that he loves me and that's why he does it. He's also finishing up his classes. Right now, he's taking a history class, and an english class. It'll be nice when that's all done with. He's also looking for something part-time to do. :)

This last weekend, we were able to go home to PA. It was a long weekend and we had a super great trip. It's what i wanted to do for my birthday :) We were going to go to nyc but decided it was to cold and would rather do it on a warmer day... While we were home, we ate at Savos- my favorite pizza place.We hung out with some friends and spent time with my family. What could be better..

Life is good. :)


happy 23rd

happy birthday to me. <3 posts to come soon.



Christmas was so much fun this year! Matthew and I celebrated by ourselves in our new apartment! We had amazing food and played games and watched our new movies. We are so blessed. Enjoy some photos! (Nags Head vaca to come soon)

Enjoying lobster tail for Christmas Eve Dinner

Our Christmas Eve Dinner. Lobster tail, Linguine, and tomato salad

Our Christmas Dinner: Ham, Sweet Potatoes, Mashed Potatoes, and Crescent Rolls

Matthew enjoying his Hickory Farms gift.

Merry Christmas, Matthew!

Merry Christmas, DeAnna!