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Can you believe that July is almost over!! It's just super crazy! We have had a busy- fun filled month tho! We loved every minute of it! We have met a bunch of new friends in our complex and we're still busy hanging out with our friends from before we left for MD! We saw fireworks, the final Harry Potter (A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.) (thanks sally for watching Jarhead!!) had a Harry Potter party, went to a wedding, celebrated Mr. Clean's birthday, and played a ton of new games. One thing we didn't do is go in the pool enough. That will be my goal for August!

I know you come for pictures- so enjoy!!

We went to the aquarium twice! Jarhead LOVED it. The second time, we got to see them feed the penguins... His favorite spot was with the bright colored fish.. he'd kick his arms and legs when we'd get close to it..

Our HP party was a TON of fun! We played HP scene it, made potions and came up with what they did and their names, were sorted into our houses, made HP inspired treats for Honeydukes and drank butterbeer at the Leaky Cauldron... yum yum yum and so much fun!

for Mr. Clean's birthday we went to see transformers (thank you friends for watching Jarhead!) and Mr. Clean went golfing while I played games and went to lunch with my friend Sally. It was a good weekend...

and finally- Jarhead learned some new COOL things this month. He's becoming a real boy!! He can sit by himself, crawl, and is so funny!He can clap his hands and give high fives! He's so happy :)


Little Man Update

Jarhead is ADORABLE! He'll be 7 months old on Sunday!! I love love love staying home with him and helping to teach him new things. He loves when I play with him, when he plays alone, when he's in his jumper... well- he's happy about 95% of the time... 2 bottom teeth just popped thru a few days ago and so he was fussy last week but not as bad as I thought he'd be- considering all the horror stories I'd heard... He's a trooper. He makes new faces now(a growl smile one), is ticklish on his right thigh/knee, and laughs all day.. he also talks to himself but not often to others... he tends to be quiet whenever we put the phone near him..haha... he weighs about 16.5 lbs now! he's getting so big.. he LOVES the pool, the cosby show intro music, and being around people... he also LOVES to play with his cousin! It's great having them close!
Enjoy some pics!! (more on FB)