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New Calling

Well, Matthew and I have received callings in our new ward. As most of you know, in the church we are can be given a variety of callings: relief society, primary, bishop, missionaries,etc. Well last Sunday, the Bishop asked to see both Matthew and I. Usually, they only call both the husband and wife in if it's a pretty big calling. We weren't really sure what to expect. Then it came, we were called as Ward Language Missionaries. Now, there are usually ward missionaries are called in every ward. They usually go on splits with the full-time missionaries, attend meetings, and help get to know investigators. As Ward Language Missionaries, it's a bit more intense. We were called to serve in our stake's spanish ward. We will attend that ward and be given two to three families to work with. They could be investigators, members,or new converts. This was set up by Elder Ballard(now under Elder Perry) from the 12 and it is a unique calling. We will be able to teach them the discussions and meet with them on a weekly basis(which usually only full time missionaries can do). We will also attend a weekly meeting to discuss the members and their needs. It'll be really exciting for Matthew and I to serve together, that doesn't happen to often in the church. I"ve always wanted to go on a mission so that I can serve, but to me, this is even more exciting. My companion is Matthew. That is just so cool! I also get to learn Spanish. I'm really excited for this new calling.
In the beginning, it was a lot to take in. Until I learn Spanish, it's going to be a very different experience. At least I know the children speak English! However, the Church is the same everywhere and in every language. It is the same Spirit that teaches and it is the same doctrine that is taught. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true. It is led by President Thomas S. Monson and all of the other leaders under him are called to those positions because that is where they need to be. This calling will be difficult and time-consuming but I know that I am just going to fall in love with these people. The Spanish population, here especially, are just so dedicated to the gospel. They have a 96% attendence rate for Sacrement! That is amazing. I'm really excited to teach. I'm really excited to teach the discussions with Matthew and help these wonderful people learn the gospel and come into the truth.


One Year <3

Can you believe Matthew and I have been married over a year now! (May10 was a year :) ) it's amazing how fast time flies. it's been a fabulous time and i'm so glad that i found my very best friend when i did. it was great to have someone to share graduation with and holidays with. i love my new family and my family has someone new to love! it's been more than anything i ever could have imagined. I remember in high school when some sisters in my ward would tell me the wonders of marriage. they would tell me how wonderful it was to have a best friend, someone to share every up and down with. they told me one day i would figure it out and i have. i love his smile and the way he laughs. i love how i feel every minute around him. i love how i miss him right after he walks away. i love how relaxed i am around him and how i can always be myself. i hope everyone finds someone who makes them as happy as matthew makes me.

time goes by to fast, i hope that i don't miss it by looking to the future. i'm going to try to focus on the events of every day... i can't believe how fast this last year has gone and i have a feeling that time will only go faster.
<3 much love <3


BYU graduate <3, year 4

finally, i'm getting around to it. year 4 was amazing. i spent it with my very best friend. we had a ton of fun together... and i only wish i had more pictures to post. we went camping, and spent a lot of time outside. we took a trip to cali ( san fran picture) and had all of our holidays together. it's a wonderful thing to be with your best friend.


BYU graduate <3, year 3

First, my roomates-- Amy, Erin, and Kira. Jen was with us before Erin came but left us for her husband:) lol! then.. I met the love of my life in July of 2007. We started dating in October and I knew I loved him by early December. Summer 07 was also super fun. I went to yellowstone with some friends and rode a 4wheeler on my own! <3 don't have time now but will post year 4 soon <3

Byu Graduate <3, year 2

Year 2 was an up and down year with m any new things, i learned alot about my self, my family, and the Lord. It was one of my more difficult years. First, I was an RA. these are my girls. It was an amazing experience and I met some fantastic people. Next is one of my best friends and roomate sophmore year. I really would have never made it without her. She's amazing!
the next picture are my apartment mates, minus Bri. I didn't get along with these girls at first but then we became great friends.

BYU graduate <3, year 1

It's hard to believe that four years ago I was just graduating from high school. I thought my college graduation would never come.
I was here. I thought my life was complete, I had my best friends, my wonderful family, and I was ready to go out and conquer the world. I thought I could do anything and I had so many life goals.

then i left my home, left my family and friends, and entered a world that I knew nothing about. It was hard to make friends and get use to a testing center. I moved every year for four years and had new roomates each time. Everything was new and exciting. Sure, I didn't do everything I said I would during college. But my eyes were wider than money, time, and life could handle. But everything that was important, everything that valued, came together. here are some highlights in pictures of my four years.

YEAR 1: Freshman
The left pictures are some girls from my floor before a Helaman Halls Spring Fling. The next one is some other friends. The one on the left is my roomate Amanda ( far Right) and my good friend Heather. Heather and I still keep in touch today.
The next is my first Utah room. Go Helaman Halls.