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For a while, I've been wanting to write about some of the "structured" activities Jarhead and I have been doing. I'd really like to get into the habit of posting them more often for a few reasons. 1- I get some great pictures. 2- It's a great way to document what we've been doing. and 3- If you have a toddler and are looking for ideas, well here you go!
I have gotten most of these ideas from blogs (or based off of things I've seen on blogs) Mostly things that I find on pinterest.  I compiled my own list since looking at all the blogs and I'm not sure where I got each idea! But if I do remember I tried to link back. If I missed one, I bet you'll fin them all pinned! So you can check it out here: http://pinterest.com/demom/for-my-jarhead/ Sorry!
When I first started- it felt overwhelming. I wanted to do something everyday (or almost everyday) but the day would come and i'd have nothing planned! So I made myself a little schedule (because let's be honest, I'm a scheduling type person!) plus it takes almost all the thinking out of it.. Whenever I have a few extra minutes in the evening or I see something on pinterest, I add it to my list that I have pinned on the wall. Then I have a big list of ideas I can choose from. Most things on my list are things that I have all the supplies for. If I think of an idea that I need something for- I get the supplies when I"m out and then add it to my list so i'll have that option to choose from!

It doesn't have to be a big idea or something that even costs time to plan or money. The point is that Jarhead and I do something every day. We go outside everyday if it's nice. We play with friends. We eat. and We watch some TV(usually while I get ready or make dinner). But  I really do think it's important to have some sort of "Structured Activity"! Something that will help him learn something new or just be a kid (aka getting messy!) That's why I started to do this. Something simple, something little. But time that Jarhead knows he has my full undivided attention and is geared just for him..
*NOTE: As you'll see below, I dont always stick to only those activities on those days. Sometimes due to appointments, having the car, or the availability of things (i.e. Spiderman, Jump on it mom and me Time) we switch things around. that's ok! the point is that you're doing something :)

Here's what my list has as of right now! I've italized that ones we've done already and there are some pics at the bottom!

Messy Monday/Funday Monday:
make/eat smores
make a car
crushing cereal
aviary * costs but is on our Pass of all Passes
shaving cream with paint
"sorting" beads or beans or whatever is around the house
tie die
playing whatever Jarhead wants to
duck pond
playing with glue
handprint art
cotton candy
bike ride
go to a new park
baking soda and vinegar
ivory soap in the microwave
building a fort
car racing (with masking tape "tracks")
ball pit (in his pack and play) 
carl's play place (closest to us. but there are many options!)
going to the Y
mall play area 
bubble wrap

Teaching Tuesday
  $2 in August (we did the Discovery Gardens this  year)
"write" letters to family (we colored winnie the pooh pages)
byu creek
colored ice cubes
shaving cream with paint (to teach colors)
letter days
color days
rainbows with pipe cleaners (wasn't to interested in this)
music day
sports day (kickball, maybe some frisbee?, or golf)
sensory bottles
bean museum 

Water Wednesday
water painting
buckets of water
colored ice cubes
byu creek
pouring water from one container to another
play in the sprinklers
7peaks *costs but again we have our Passes
sensory bath
bridal veil falls
homemade sprinkler

TV Thursday
Jarhead gets to watch extra TV/movies on Thursday while I do our weekly chores. He does one chore a week.
picks up toys

Family Friday
I don't have a list here but we try to do something with Mr. Clean when he gets home. We go out to dinner or go walk around the mall. Sometimes we go to Trafalga or out with friends. This Friday we're going to the Chalk Festival. That should be really fun. Friday is just a fun-day and we just "Steal" ideas from the other days! (especially from Monday's group b/c there are so many!)

Here are some other places with lists of ideas that I've used: (many above ideas came from these.. they all have so many!)

Monday ideas:


ball pit

 baseball game (free with passes)
 getting messy!
 feeding the ducks




 Jump On It (during the mom and me time it's pretty cheap!)
 Aquarium (kinda pricey but we had passes at the time)
Seeing Spiderman ( I dont remember if this was a Monday. It was whenever the store was holding it. We may have switched around the days that week!)


 mall play area

 Aviary. *he loved feeding the pelicans. This cost $3 extra.

 Shaving Cream and paint! LOVED this activity. Great winter idea too b/c you can do it in the bath!

wrestling meet! Mr. Clean's teachn' him young! :)

This was a "preview" class for the Little Gym. I wouldn't pay the amount they are asking but it was fun to go to the intro class. 

getting messy!
 new park!

"car tracks"

 Great Salt Lake (mostly did this b/c of family but Jarhead still enjoyed pointing out the boats and water and birds)

going to the Y. One day I'll attempt to "hike" it with him but for now we just go up and look at the scenery. Again, mostly did b/c family was here but it was different and fun to do!

 Tuesday Activities
(i love this picture!)
baking brownies!

Bean Museum
Discovery Gardens ($2 Tuesday in August)

Wednesday Activities

 colored ice cubes
 painting with water
 water in the sink!

 pouring from one cup to another



Bridal Veil Falls
 This was actually a $2 Tuesday event at the Discovery Gardens but a great "pool/splash area!"

 loved throwing the green spaghetti and the blue bath.. said FUN over and over and laughed!

I don't really have any Thursday or Friday pictures but hopefully you get the idea! Comment and tell me some of your ideas!