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July and August Update

Wow- I really have been a slacker! I'm super sorry!! I think about writing often but each day that goes by I feel there's more I want to write and less time.. I might not get everything in here but at least you'll be able to see some fun photos of the end of our summmer....

July was fun..I already posted pictures from the 4th so I'll skip past that.
We had a ton of family visits in July. We didn't get nearly as many picture as we'd like but it was great to just see them and spend time with them... Dad,Dani and Paige came and it was over 100 degrees- we decided to just stay in and relax for the weekend instead of wlking around in the city... It was still fun to have a chill weekend with family and games...
Then, our power went out! It was CRAZY! We had this hurricane warning and there was a ton of rain and wind and swirly clouds. it was the craziest thing I had ever seen.. I can't get the video to post so you'll just have to believe me..

Trees fell down and crushed wires, which left us without power for a few days. It was SO hot! One of our fish died and we lost a LOT of food.. bleh..

 That same weekend was our good friends(Sam and Audi)'s last weekend here.. They were moving to AZ! We really miss them.. They recently had their cute little girl and are enjoying life down in AZ with her sisters..During the power outage, we got together with them and some other friends for a BBQ. Hey- why not be hot together right.

After the power finally flickered on and off again, we had power by Thursday for the entire day. What a relief. Grandma, Debbie,Melanie, and the kids all came on Wed night to spend the weekend with us. They were staying in a hotel luckily... We were going to go into the city but gram did the first day and it was to much for her so Matthew and I hung out with her Friday while the rest went into the city. Saturday the boys went on the white house tour which we weren't able to get into so we just hung out at the house and played games.. We went to eat at Comet- a fun little place with a ping pong table. the table was on a slanted street so it was kinda lame but it was still a good place to eat- a bit over priced personlaly but it was recommended by Guy on the Food Network so we just had to try it :)
isn't my grandma just the cutest :)

the grandkids- without anton

my matthew isn't in this one because he took the pictures but it's a good one of the family :)

August didn't bring any slowing down!
Matthew's old roomate, Kyle and his wife Aom came for a visit. We walked around some museums and the mall area. We also went to the crime and punishment museum.. It's not one of the free ones but it was super fun! we have no pictures of kyle tho :( and the FB ones won't upload....  We also ate at 2Amy's which is suppose to be "authentic Italian Pizza".. It was pretty good... Kyle served his mission in Italy and said it was pretty close. we like American pizza better... we like pepperoni :) haha.. but the pizza was very fresh at 2 Amy's..

We had a surprise party for papa bob which was SUPER fun. He really enjoyed having all of his friends and family there and he loved all his gifts- especially the family history and scrapbook we put together for him...... it was a good trip and we loved being with family..
 The Surprise sign that Matthew made for GBOB! hhaa
he was spoiled for turning 70!! :)
The boys couldn't make it to the party.. We missed them tho!
isn't he just so cute:)

For FHE, one week  we went to see the statues of Christ at the Visitor's Center.. Since most of you live far away, i'll post some of my favorites.. It really was a pretty exhibit..We went with friends and afterwords went to this AMAZING sub shop :) YUMMY!
this one was about 6 ft. It was really well done.
  this one was my favorite depicting the story of Christ walking on water..

This one was Matthew's favorite, depicting the story of the First Vision.

In August, we also went home for my baby shower but those pictures will come in the next post because I haven't uploaded them yet...

I know what you would like most is a baby update:

We have our crib


pack and play with a bassinet

deciding on a high chair

and a ton of other little fun things.. more to come once shower pictures are uploaded.. :)

of course- nothing is organized or put together yet. but we'll get there... he moves all the time now and I just love to feel him! I sleep thru the night but matthew says i'm pretty restless but for now, i'm only waking up 1ce which isn't to bad:) i am still pretty tired throughout the day, though.. i hear some people get up 4 or 5 times!! he presses on my belly button a lot- but i just try to push him back and let him press on a less tender part of my tummy.haha. we've narrowed down his name to jack matthew or isaac matthew but won't officially decide until he comes and we see his little face :) i'm just loving being pregant! i mean, i'm super excited to meet him too but that time will come and i'll miss the nights i was able to sleep so i'm quite content with where i am right now......

more to come soon!!


crazy day?

i think so..

go here. i'm just glad i got home on time and safe :)
 *this is not my building but the one right across the street*