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I can't believe June is already over. I feel like it went by so quickly and I'm not even sure what I did. Let's look through some pictures!

We went to the Aviary with some friends. I wasn't sure if Jarhead would like it but he did! He loved looking at the ducks and feeding the pelicans. He reached right in and grabbed the slimy fish! After trying to eat it and all of us adults yelling "no!" we got him to actually throw it into the water... jarhead loves to be with and play with his friends!

they have a little sand area where we took a break and let the kids play!

i'm pretty sure he thinks he's the coolest person ever! probably because he is and we tell him that all the time! he loves to walk around all by himself to explore!!


everywhere we go...

i'm not sure why he looks scared in this one but there were a TON of kids running around. 

he thought it'd be fun to get in the pond with the ducks. after a quick picture i grabbed him (before he got in) and brought him away from that area...

and this was his response....

by the end he was pretty tired...

but cheered up for another picture!

i've been really trying to do more fun things with the little man and not just playing outside. thanks to pinterest i have found a TON of great ideas. I'm trying to do at least one a week! here he is playing with his friends in shaving cream and paint. they are looking for beads.. he had so much fun getting in there and getting messy! most of the kids did too! 

one of the older boys put the bucket on his head and of course jarhead had to follow suit!

June was a good month. Jarhead is learning and growing so fast! He's picked up a ton of new words and loves to copy what we do. OF course his favorite word is NO but generally he uses it in helpful ways (do you want milk- "no" do you want to read this book "no".) he has only said yes once but when the answer is yes he just doesn't respond with NO.. He also turned 18 months old! Do you know what that means?!? NURSERY! He loves it to. I drop him off and I don't usually even get a chance to say good bye and i love you before he's off playing with his friends. I've subbed a few times and he's learning the songs and loves snack time ( he takes the others snacks when they get distracted and go play elsewhere)... He plays really well with all the other kiddos. I love that he's learning good things! He folds his arms to pray too and knows that we pray at night after we read our scriptures. I hope it's teaching him good habits!

That's all for now, folks!

Happy July!