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Pictures and stuff

I LOVE BEING HOME! I've got so many things to do and I love it. Today, it was beautiful outside and so I messaged my friend Risa and out we went for a walk with her little girl, the boy she watches, and Jarhead. It was great to get some fresh air. We've taken a bunch of pictures lately and some really cute videos(which matt'll post later because i have yet to figure it out!)... These pictures and more are also on facebook but he's just so cute you can look at him again!

We had SUCH a great time having Great Grandma Vicky here in February. The first weekend in March, we promised we'd return her and it was sad to see her go! But we got the visit PA and had a great time! Jarhead loved spending time with his aunts, grandpa, and cousins! It was such a busy visit! We visited friends at church(sorry, no pictures!) and hung out with all the family. We also had a girls night at Savo's. The girls loved holding him! It's so weird to think we're all so grown up. Married, kids, enagements pending, etc.. it's great and i'm so glad that we're still friends. I thought it might be weird- not seeing them for so long, but it wasn't.. It was SO fun!

Enjoy some pictures!


1st day home

I'm exhausted! I am really excited to be home with Jarhead. Not only did I get to spend time with him, give him a bath, and encourage him to roll over, i got to run errands, do some laundry, clean and reorganize his room, and take a little nap. i also am blogging, listened to music, watched some TV, and played on the computer. i'm exhausted now and my to do list is about just as long as when the day started but that's okay. i don't want every day to be this busy and i'm looking forward to a nice break. but think about it- once i finish these things that i've been putting off for forever- some things have been waiting for a year or more- then i'll be able to just chill and craft! I just want to get caught up first...

Other than that- I FINALLY sent out the majority of the birth announcements today... I know Jarhead is 3 months old now and it seems a bit silly to send them out this late but it was really important to me and even though it took me this long- i'm glad i did it.. now i'm just waiting for a few more addresses.

enjoy the video below! Jarhead is such a chatter these days! oh and he sleeps in his crib too :) oh he's such a good cute little boy! We love him!

Jarhead Talking


Jack Relaxing

So Jack was talking to his swing. I tried to get a video, but he noticed me, but this is still a good video.