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Moving Day 101

A few weeks ago we were able to move into a new apartment! It was wonderful. well, being in a new place was wonderful not the moving part. and usually i love to move... HOWEVER! I do not enjoy moving in the snow and rain. Moving day one was some rain. We figured not too big of a deal, we were going to just use the Pontiac anyway. we get a good bit of stuff done but just did not realize how much we had accumulated in just a year!! then, that following wed matthew and I both took the day off of work. we borrowed a truck from a coworker and planned to move. on my way to my study group at 10 am, yucky dreary weather. cleared up during the study group until I was about a half a block from home. started to rain. we finished packing the car and truck only for it to start snowing. we get to the new place and unpack as fast as we could putting the contents into its respective rooms. we do this a few times,then finish some dishes at the old place and bring one last trip to the new place. we get ready for brad's birthday dinner. YAY! no snow or rain! we go to chilli's and enjoy a fabulous dinner and dessert with Jenny and Brad. After, they offered to help us make one last big trip. we pack up the mattresses and load our car and theres. Then we get a phone call from the lady we switched cars with, she's stuck at the temple because there was something wrong with my tire. I told her we'd swing by to pick her up but right as we were leaving she happened to see a neighbor leaving the temple and got a ride with them. We start our last trip to the new place, and it starts to snow! Not just any snow, literally, a blizzard and everything is getting wet and we can barley see the road. Finally, after blow drying our matress and getting everything into the house, matthew and i drop off the truck and drive BACK to provo to see what's up with my car. what looked like a flat tire to her actually turned out to be a loose wheel. You see, 3 days prior to moving day I hit a big rock on my way home from work. It bent my rim and everything! We got it fixed but the screws weren' tight enough. I figured this out in the morning when I went back for yet another trip. So FINALLY, we are totally moved in with furniture, internet, and cable. my car is up and running and we are just loving our new place!
I'll post pictures soon <3


some things soon to come

it's been a while, i know. but here are some updates hopefully soon to follow.
- moving
- something exciting.
- graduation
- family
- awww.. <3 the beauty of summer is on it's way

don't worry <3 it'll be here soon!



Just a lot of smiles!! Because I have one final open house presentation tomorrow night which isn't even really a class and I am done with school! Then, I have 2 take homes finals(1 closed book, 1 open) 2 finals in the testing center, and 1 scheduled final. and then my family comes and I graduate!! I'm soo excited and can't believe i'm done. I don't remember a life without school so this will truly be a new chapter in my life!
also, on friday we got the keys to our new apartment!! we LOVE it and moving day #1 went wonderful. we're looking for a truck to be able to move the rest but other than that we're on our way to enjoying our new home <3


Our Eventful Evening

Craziest thing happened last night!
To preface this note, first let me tell you that DeAnna and I live in a basement apartment and that our landlords are in their 70's.

So last night at 10:45 pm, DeAnna walks into the bathroom to see massive leaks of hot water falling into our bathroom. Water is coming from the vent and the ceiling and the room is quickly flooding. So we first grab buckets and blankets to hold the water at bay. Then we try to see if our landlords are home. We called their cell and LAN line more times than we can count, we bang on the door and ring the door bell, bang on windows, and figure there is no one home. I call my family that is in town visiting and they come over to help. First we figure out that in order to shut the water off we need some special tool from the city. So we decide to break into the house through the door in our basement, which meant taking the door off. My brother and I rush into the house yelling hello and their is no answer, so we find that someone left the water on in the half bathroom and it overflowed and flooded their bathroom and ours. We shut it off and clean up the best we can. I then write a note telling them what happened and told them to come down as soon as they can to talk. After we spend a few hours cleaning and drying out everything, I hear someone upstairs about 1 am. We run outside to see if someone new is home and we see no new cars. So I call the LAN line and the wife answers the phone. She says she got our note and is very thankful that we did what we did, but then confesses that she was in the house asleep the whole time!!! She was the one who left the water running. So let's now examine this:

We called both phones multiple times, knocked on all doors and windows multiple times, broke into their house, made a lot of noise in their house, hunted for towels and cleaned up a flooded bathroom, and this woman did not wake up!! What the heck!!

Needless to say, they have a lot of ceiling and floor damage in their house, all because they sleep like rocks.