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San Fran!

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First, is Amy and Sami the wayy cute girls who caught the bouquet in PA <3
These are the kids on my dad's side. We're making funny faces! yay! i love these guys, they are the best!
Next is of my grandma's posterity. She is SUCH an amazing woman.
had to include this last one..my mother and her sisters..they are never to old! <3
Just some PA pics.... Awww..memories<3

PA picturesss

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My husband <3

I just have to make a short post for my husband. I am so grateful to have him in my life. I realized this especially this week when I REALLY wanted to go see Mamma Mia and he reccomended it for our Saturday date this last week. The very first scene is a bunch of girls screaming because they hadn't seen each other in a very long time. i knew right then that it was not going to be his type of movie in the least bit..lol. I loved it and he sat through the whole thing with me. He is the very greatest...



We just got back from CA and we had soooo much fun! i was done with camp on Aug 1 and so it was the best time to just take a break... We did a lot and we'll add some pictures later because I haven't uploaded them all yet... So we ate yummy food anSi Fld had so much fun playing games with his mom! We went to San Fran which was wayy cold, especially on the boat. but it was fun... we ate at the sour dough bread place and got Ghiridelli's choc... We took the Bay cruise so we sailed out under the Golden Gate Bridge and went around Alcatraz... and then the aquarium too... and we went to the Seix Flags near his house...eh... it was okay, more animals than rides and we were hoping for more rides... great day! but not really hot enough for water rides, we wouln't really dry.. but it was a good day anyway and we came home soo tired.. we did eat fried food for ever meal! Yuk! It was good as we ate it but then once we realized it it wasn't..lol.. i didn't eat the whole next day pretty much except for a few random things... we did some bowling and saw some of his old friends and drove by his old schools.. we also did some shopping! anyway, dinner ready so i'm out but we'll post some pics soon!