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August has been such a fun month for us so far! Jarhead and I LOVE being together all day long. We do a ton of fun things like read, "play ball", and hang outside with friends. He's eating a ton of fun foods (aka finger foods!) and he's enjoying it. He hasn't grasped how to not squish the banana. But he's liked the peaches and cantaloupe.. oh- and he loves Ice Pops! He's getting brave too! He tries to climb on everything and move from thing to thing on his knees... He also will walk if you hold his hands or if he's holding onto a laundry basket... He falls a lot but he's learning and songs (esp the cosby show music!) helps him to feel better... i know i've mentioned the cosby show a few times but he just loves that jazz! i wonder if he'll ever grow out of it!

Enjoy some pictures of August's FuNnEsS!

 pulling himself up!

 just some cute ones
i ran a 5k (above).. I did it in 33 min 30 sec! 5 min from my best practice time! it was my first ones and i did it with my friends! it was SO much fun!! i'm looking forward to doing another!

here's some more cute ones of jarhead!!

he's trying to play with his friends... it's cute to watch!!

mmmm..sweet potatoes (above)

we went to the dinosaur museum!! jarhead loved it! we had a good time w. jenny & brad & their little girl... the kids liked the dinosaurs and we liked the discovery room! worth it for $2 Tuesday!