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March 2013

I forgot to add that in Feb Mr. Clean's mom came to help because Jarhead got a new cousin! Yay! 

March was a busy busy month for us. It was mostly a little of everything.. A friend went thru the temple for the first time and that was a super special experience. We had a ward adult Minute to Win It night.. It was a lot of fun. I won the "best squinty eyes" prize for the faces I made while playing the Oreo game.. haha. We played with friends a lot and watched some friends kids a few times. We also had some good friends move to Kansas! We'll miss them! We also finally redeemed our massage night that we got each other for Valentine's Day! It was great. Jarhead absolutely loves the sitter we had over. He talked about her the the whole day before she came.. In fact, he thought that when the oven beeped it was the door and ran there yelling her name. Needless to say, i dont think he missed us at all.. It does make me happy that he likes her so much tho- lets me enjoy Mr. Clean and my date more! :)

This is a longer post! Both text and pics!

so wishy- washy with naps but sometimes after a long day, this is what has to be done!

my squinty eyes prize! Jarhead loved it and broke it that day..haha

oh the positions this boy thinks is comfy for his TV time!

LOVES hummus and pretzels.. one of his favorite lunches!

 I  think he was singing a song here?

i'll take what I can get :)

thinks this dog that cuts his hot dogs is fun to bring around! haha

sure loves the camera!  He especially loves my phone because I can turn the viewer around so he can see himself!

Hercules went everywhere this day! 

it had been a while since Jarhead and I just did something "fun" not because we were already out somewhere else or because we had some time to kill so I decided to take him out to eat. We were going to go play somewhere too but he was quite tired by the end!  He had fun playing with my camera while waiting for our food! I loved the afternoon with my little man!

This is his best bud! I'm glad he has such a good friend. They play so well together and give each other hugs each time they see each other. It's funny to hear their conversations. Here it's about the book but other times it's about their shirt color or their shoes.. Silly 2 year olds!

My momma's bday gift! I'm quite proud of how it came out! It's for her fridge and I also made her magnets so she can mark where she's been! (aka everywhere!)

this is SUCH a yummmy lunch! PB and honey with strawberries,  banana, and granola in a wrap! 

just more fun camera time with the little man! He loves wearing my or Mr. Clean's shoes! He also LOVES hats :) especially his Daddy's! He's just so cute!!

He's been really into baking lately! I made him this apron forever ago so I'm glad it's getting some use!  I think we were making banana bars here?

I made these boxes for Jarhead's new room! I like how they came out.. Here are some pics of his room.. His bed still isn't built and we need to get a mattress anyway but we'll get there and then you'll get pics of that too!

My brother got Jarhead this camel from Kuwait (where he's stationed).. It sings some song in whatever language they speak there about mothers and fathers. It's kinda loud and random but Jarhead likes it. 

I use to love Johnny Rockets in high school so I was quite disapointed when we didn't have a good experience a few weeks ago. At least Jarhead had fun with their little music box thing..

went to a friend's house and had some yummmy homemade cafe rio salads.. Jarhead thought he needed a bowl the same size as everyone else. He LOVED being the center of attention and had no problem being the only kid there. He made everyone laugh and then would continue doing it. He is going to be a class clown.. It was a good visit!

We didn't really do the whole holiday thing much last year.. Jarhead didn't get it but this year we decided to give it a try.. Egg dying lasted all of 5 minutes but he enjoyed putting the eggs in the dye and espeically into the carton. In fact, we had to keep reminding him to put them in the dye first because he just wanted to put the white ones in and out of the carton..  When I asked him to take a pictures for the phone, he showed me the instructions. apparently, he wanted you to know how to do them yourself!

oh we LOVE this warmer weather! Bring it on spring!

cute hat from gma and gpa c!

yummmmy homemade bread! It is SO easy! can't wait to try adding some flavors!

some cute Easter pictures. I made this bow tie and am soo proud of it! I think it makes my little guy look so grown up and handsome!

easter egg hunt this morning was definetly a success! He thought it was so cool to collect and open all the eggs! He tried to stuff his mouth with all the M & M s in that were in the majority of his eggs. After the first one, we told him 1 M & M per egg! He also got a Sunday dry erase binder. I love how it came out! He used it today! He got some parachute bunnies that got tangled in a few minutes so we ended up cutting the shoots off and just giving him the bunnies.. He got some SpiderMan candy sticks that he doesn't seem to like but thinks it's cool that they have Spiderman on them and some marshmallows..  He also got a picture of Christ for his new room and his new bow tie... His basket is a new pail and shovel.. 

We couldn't get our timer to work on our camera so we improvised for a family picture. Jarhead had fun making faces for the camera!

healthy baby boy! big too! He was 2 lbs 15 oz- 70%! I grow em big I guess :)

March put me in my third trimester!  I'm already 2/3 done!  I'm sore and not sleeping well and all the normal pregnancy things but otherwise I"m loving it! Jarhead loves the baby and talks to him and gives him kisses all the time. I also feel him a LOT more than I did Jarhead. Jarhead sat in the back and seemed to pretty much sleep. I'd feel him fluttering and Mr. Clean felt him a few times but not that often. This little guy is ACTIVE! I feel him almost all day and sometimes it feels like he is just going to pop out of my stomach! He pushes on the front of my belly a ton and sometimes I have to try to move him around! silly little guy.. 

 I didn't really keep track of when a lot of these new things for Jarhead started but he's doing them now so it counts that I'm at least documenting it before I forget them! He does soo many cute things every day and he is learning so quickly! He makes me laugh and really is a joy to be around! I love being home with him!

- He loves the baby. He sings to him, kisses and hugs him daily, and tries to share his food and toys with him! It's so cute.. He's going to make a great big brother!
- He was sick for a while and he still asks for his pink medicine. (benedryl).
-He knows pretty much all of the Blue's Clues songs, prefers certain episodes, and doesn't even want to watch the ones with Steve. It's all about Joe for him. We draw Joe and clues just about every day.
-He loves to sing. His favorites are Santa Claus is coming to town, the Wise man, you are my sunshine, and Baptism. He knows most of the words to these songs. He also likes the wheels on the bus- but only the mommy, daddy, and baby parts. He'll sing/let you sing other songs occasionally but usually just a line or two. 
-We've been watching MASH lately and he loves the intro.. He runs around when they do and runs hunched over when they run to the helicopter.. 
-He knows most of his letters. He might even know all of them but still mixes up a few- depends on the day and how interested he is when I ask him. He's starting to learn the small ones too.
- He knows all of his numbers but has decided against counting these days. He likes 4,5, 9, and 10 the most and always wants to skip to those. 
-always says thank you and reminds you to if you forget (or his friends). he also says your welcome.
- loves to change his shirt. wants to match Joe (Blue's Clues) or Mr. Clean. 
- He hugs all of his friends when he sees them. 
-If he is sad and you do something to make him stop crying, he smiles really big and says "Happy Now! Cry No More". 
-If you're sad (or pretend sad) he'll give you kisses and ask Happy Now? and if you smile he is very happy. Sometimes, he asks you to be sad so he can give you kisses. Silly boy. If he kisses you shirt he'll say " Miss Shirt." (his kiss word sounds like miss) or your eye "Miss Eye"
- Knows a good amount of shapes. Oval and Square are his favorite.
-He's known his colors for a while but he loves to point out everything's color.
-On walks, he yells "maill" and waves his hands like they do on blue's clues for just about every mail box.
-he loves the slides at the park and says "ready go!" before going down.
-He loves "rides" in the stroller and going in the "white car".. sometimes he's sad when we dont have the car to go somewhere. 
-He's "memorized" some of his favorite books. mostly just the last word or two on each page. He also likes to "read" to you by telling you what is on the page. He also makes some pretty funny sound effects.
-if you ask him a question, his first response is often "ummm.."
- if he tells you something and you correct him (i..e OVAL! actually, that's a circle) he responds, " Oh.. yeah.. Circle!" haha
- Loves Baths and Showers. In the bath, he wants a color (one of those color tablets) usually orange or purple and loves to color with his bath crayons!
-LOVES nursery. He tells us each week what he did. Usually Snack, bubbles, bear hunt, and occasionally a song that he sang...
-He's really good at saying "sorry". 
-He lets you know when he thinks something is funny!
- thinks hiding is the coolest thing and doesn't make a noise until you actually find him! He likes when you say "where are you, jarhead? where are you?" (he'll remind you to say it if you dont or haven't in a while. other than that he's quiet)
- everything is a tunnel
- is really getting into imaginative play. If you play with him, he'll tell you what your guy (or car or whatever) is suppose to say. "Hi mom" "CRASH!" "where are you?" etc!

Well, I know it was a long one but I feel like I've been such a slacker at updating!

I also want to add that especially since it is Easter how grateful we are for the gospel in our lives. I know that my Savior lives. He loves each of us and lived and died for us. He lives again. We can be sealed together as families and live that way FOREVER if we are true to the covenants we make with Him. The scriptures guide us on the path the our Father would have us take and as we turn to Him we will be comforted in our trials and guided to our path. I love my family. They make me happy every day. I am happy and that is a wonderful feeling. I know that our little man loves Jesus and he is so close to him. He loves to read his scriptures and sing about Him. Mr. Clean and I are trying to teach him to grow up and be a wonderful young man. We are all children of our Father in Heaven and it is such a blessing to know that. I"m excited to hear our prophets and apostles speak next week so we can receive modern day revelation.
Our Savior lives. He loves me and my family and He loves each of you.