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i'm tired.

the end.


Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day....

to my dad-
Life is always better when you know that no matter what- there is someone there to support you. Thank you Dad- for being the very best you knew how to be and for teaching me to be the very best I can be. We love you.

to mr. cleans dad-
He raised such a great son. He taught him to be respectful and kind and loving. He encouraged him to be great at everything he did and to learn through reading and observation. We love you.

to mr. clean-
mr. clean makes life fun. he reminds me that every minute does not have to be planned and it's okay if we by pass cleaning now and then to do something fun with our family. he's SUCH a great dad to jarhead. he plays with him and talks to him. i know that if jarhead grows up to be like his dad- he's going to have a good life. thank you mr. clean for bein such a great dad to jarhead and hubby to me <3

to all the other men/dads who have influenced my life(both those still here with us and those who have passed on)-
thank you for teaching me patience, love, and so many other things. thank you for traveling to my special events. thank you for being a great dad to your children and for loving those that aren't.




don't miss april's post below and the pics of the new apt below that! there are some great pics there too!!

may started with a drive to pa where we spent 10 days! we loved it!

jarhead had his first "real" food.. greenbeans!! yum! (since then he's also had peaches,carrots, and sweet potatoes. we also tried turkey but he was NOT a fan!)

hung out and played with family

and friends

and just had a great time! We ate yummy food, went on walks, tried to go on a picnic, and took lots of pictures! jarhead learned to pull himself up in the bouncer if he's holding onto something. (ie. he reached and grabbed mr. clean's hand and pulled himself up to his feet!) i miss them! it was so great being home for a little while! and it was a nice break before our 2200 mile trip!!

drove about 6 hours and...

stopped in Kirtland to see the temple and Jarhead stayed in his first hotel..

then drove about 7 hours or so and visited with SPASM! when we first got there it HAILED! it was nuts!!

I love this family.. I can't believe how grown up the kids are... I was the oldest's age when i first met them! we stayed there for 4 days. We relaxed, had FHE, ate great food, went to an open house at the school, and played games. best of all we just caught up.

tried to visit the Chicago temple.. but it and the grounds were closed. plus it was cold!!

then we ventured out the rest of the drive. we took 3 days and almost no pictures :(... but we stopped in omaha, rawlings, and then ended up at mr.clean's sister's house... we visited with them for about a week until we got into our new place. i LOVE our new place.. we took a lot of pictures with jarhead and his cousin.. but you'll have to see her blog for those :) and then you saw the pics of our apt!!

we love it here. it's great being back in utah! we love the mountains, our apt, having family close, and friends too!!


I know.. it's been forever since I've actually posted some fun pictures... There is no way this post can encompass everything we've done for the last 2 months because it has been crazy! but in a few posts I might be able to tell the story in pictures....

The last pic post we were at my mom's for her 50th bday... after that, we packed our entire house, hung out with some friends, and went to California. Here's the rest of April:

Jarhead went on his first plane ride... he did so good!

met new people

WE hung out with Mr. Clean's friend Chris and his family. We had a super yummy lasagna. We also went to this awesome pizza place with him.. it was SO GOOD!

We went to Old Sac and went to a train museum and walked around the old stores.. We went with Mom and ate salt water taffy! yum! Mr. Clean and I got a characiture!(spelling?) I've wanted one since we got married! Only took me 3 years! haha

played with family

had easter

had Jarhead's baby blessing...

and Jarhead found how fun big people's beds are... and we all slept. and slept and slept! Moving is hard work and it was great to relax for 2 weeks!

We had SOO much fun in Cali. We loved visiting with family. Mr. Clean got to go golfing and I went to(and won a prize at) Bunco. We were really sad to leave..

Then we came home and had 3 days to finish packing, load the 3 pods, clean and move. We also found some time to visit with some GREAT friends and their new baby... We went to Cheeburger with our other GREAT friends and their little girl but our camera ran out of batteries so no pic from there...

and that was our April! there are sooo many other great pictures but I need to get onto May! I'll try to put some different ones up on FB so check there too! :)