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A Wonderful Time of Year

Well, Hello World! <3 Christmas is now over and the family has gone home but, boy, was it fun while it lasted! Matthew's parents came in on Monday and we had dinner with them and played 5 Crowns, a really fun card game. Tues was fabulous, we hung out with his mom and then came home and relaxed! i played video games for a few hours, and then matthew did. it's so nice to not have school, I really don't think I'll miss it at all. maybe a few years down the road, but not any time soon, that's for sure! Christmas Eve was full of scones and laughter! we had such a great time, open ed a few gifts and got to bed early. I love Christmas! It's such a wonderful time of year. It's a time that you don't have to work (hopefully, glad i'm not still at the nursing home) and you just get to eat good food and laugh! with family and friends. we ate a bunch of really yummy food and opened a lot of gifts. i'll add some pictures soon! I got Matthew a poker set, a inside putting green thing, rasberry hot cocoa, one of those meat and cheese package things they have out for holidays, a mini shaver, some candy, and some other little things. Matthew got me !! the first season of Gilmore girls!!, a REALLY soft dark red robe from Bath&&BodyWorks, some very yummy candy, some card paper( my new hobby), some perfume/ lotion, and a really nice hat and glove set. With the money from my family we are going to buy Rock Band 2! :) we're really excited! We got a lot of gift cards, which are always fun! and a lot of other gifts from his parents. I won't bore you with it all but it's always nice to get new things.
This time of year is truely my favorite. It has Christmas, which aside from getting gifts, is such a wonderful time to rethink what you're doing in your life. It's the perfect time to think about what the holiday is truely about and then strive to live your life to be more baout serving Him. and then, just right around the corner is the start of a new year. I can't believe the New Year is about to start... It's the perfect time fo rnew resolutions, truely, a fresh start. I love looking at what I've done over the year, and deciding what I can do better the nexttime around. There are always so many. and then, in just 2 short weeks, it's my birthday! Another year, come and gone, and I'm another year older. It's amazing to see how fast time flies and see how wonderfully I've been blessed.
I hope all of your Christmases were as wonderful as ours. Much love <3


all done

just so everyone who reads is aware, I am FINALLY done with all of my finals, papers, quizzes, everything that induces stress into my life for the next three weeks. thank goodness <3 just wanted to share my joy:)


and some final ones <3

okay so, this was from a while ago butttt i wanted to post them!

These are from our camping trip back in ? August maybe, and some from when we took his sisters engagement photos in the canyon, and from our date weekend when we went up to a cute bed and breakfeat castle, hense the man in armor:), and then pictures from our FABULOUS thanksgiving feast <3 we are so blessed it amazes me. maybe after finals we'll get a real post in here instead of just random pics <3 xo! of course, they're all random, no order. sorry

some more christmas


yay for christmas <3

yay for christmas decorations! we're so excited for christmas <3 we bought a bunch of really cute decorations for our new little home and then his mom and my mom both sent us more decorations. and we got a cute ornament from the Taylors and another cute one from my grandma. so, now our little home is over flowing with cute directions. i'll add a picture of the tree soon and i'll also add some pics of our yummmmy thanksgiving dinner. i know i'm a slacker and haven't posted. but, yeah.