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April 2013

April was a fun but low key month for us. The weather started getting warmer and so we were able to get outside more. We still had a lot of cold and rainy days tho so it was hard to be consistently outside..  Our good friends next door moved and Jarhead really missed his buddy but we've been able to see them weekly- sometimes more than once a week- so it's been really awesome and the boys love when we get together!

this has become one of the little mans favorite games.  He picks random letters for me to make and I put a bunch of shapes down.  We call out one and he goes to stand there (or sometimes I do or a toy does) It's a great learning game and he thinks it's super cool! WiN wIn!

33 weeks. Yes. I'm getting super big. I'm trying to be active by walking and stretching.  Jarhead LOVES the baby already.. Even though I didn't feel SUPER uncomfortable by this point- I felt like people thought I was suffering by the way they'd ask "how are you doing?" in that oh i'm so sorry voice. haha

We FINALLY got Jarhead's new room all put together. His bed was the finishing touch.. He loves it- can you tell? 

First time playing Mario Kart and he's since asked for it multiple times! He thinks it's cool to be Mario or the monkey and loves to choose his own car. He doesn't care if he doesn't go anywhere but loves when you get the rocket as a weapon!

these are some of the pictures from Thanksgiving Point's Tulip Festival.. We got to go with some friends.. It was a lot of walking but really was fun. We had lunch up there and Jarhead enjoyed running around looking at all the flowers. It was hard to get pictures of the little man but I tried! He loved feeding the fish!

I sure do love my little man! He LOVES reading time and is learning to remember his favorites. He gives baby kisses all the time. He's a very lovable little guy.

Also loves to snuggle with his daddy! I'm pretty sure they're playing a game here..

Jarhead is talking so well these days. He has a fantastic memory and is a really tough kid. He knows all of his letters and can sing about half of the alphabet if you sing with him. He knows his shapes and numbers but loves to tease or quiz you to see if you know them. He learned to spell his name but depends on the day if he'll do it for you. He loves to play games. He LOVES to go to the park and to see friends. He's a snuggler when he wants to be but is also very independent when he wants to do his own thing.. He's still a fantastic sleeper but is still hit or miss with his naps. We get in a few a week now that we're outside more! I love that I get to be home with him all day. He really is so fun to be around. 
He LOVES when Mr. Clean comes home from work. I think it's his favorite part of the day. He talks up a storm as soon as he walks in telling him about everything we did. I love to hear the things he remembers. He (we) started a little tradition where he says to Mr. Clean when he's leaving for work "BadaBing" and Mr. Clean replies " Bada Boom" and Jarhead finishes with "Make Money".. I'm not sure how or when it started but it's the cutest thing. He also picks a bag and puts it over his shoulder and goes to work multiple times through the day (Mr. Clean carries a laptop bag to work).. 
Jack plays so well with his toys. His little stuffed people (Tigger, MoMo aka Elmo,Super Tigger, Blue, etc) go everywhere with him. He plays with them like they are real friends and they have real conversations with each other. It's hard to catch on video because he just wants you to play with him but it is super fun to just listen from around the corner to hear the conversations they have. "Yeah. Okay. Fall down. Sorry. Go to Work." Etc. hahaha!

We're just waiting patiently for Little Man #2 to make his grand entrance. We'll keep you posted but I wanted to get April's post up before he comes! I know I have more pics on the phone but they're not dwnlded yet.. maybe they'll come later!