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some moreee ( see last post)

Some Pictures

Yayy!! Well, Matthew and I went to take some pictures today for my graduation announcements! So, I will post some of those, plus some really fun ones (from Christmas I know but i totally forgot they were on the camera since we had his mom's pictures too..lol) And, I will also post the announcement.. I'm basically just sending them to family but i am announcing it to you all as well:)


Many New and Exciting Things!

first-- this weekend was amazing! friday we went to an amazing Venezuelan restaurant. I got a chicken salad arepa? or something... i'm not really sure, they spoke to the waiter in spanish and so my friend told me what was good and that's what i got! and it was! (for those of you who think i'm a picky eater...haha)
Saturday I got up and went shopping. I got 2 polos, 2 long sleeve thermal shifts in fun colors, 2 way cute skirts, and a pair of capris all for $50! Now, that's some good shopping. I also got my hair cut! Then I went to brickoven for the best calzone i have eaten in my life(and i'm from pa where the italain food is hard to beat!). it was so fun to hang out with some girls from church. we really are just loving our ward! we wish we could stay forever! Matthew had a cookout with the boys from church. They had brats and shishkabobs. he said it was super yummy and he loved using his new grill:) lol.. Saturday night we ordered pizza and Jenny and Brad came over so I could color my hair.. I absolutly love it!
and finally!we found an apartment! we'll move in on April 8 ish... and we're super excited! It's a town house, split level. so you walk in and go down half stairs into a big living room and the kitchen. The laundry room and half bath is also down there! We're soo excited to have a washer and dryer in our apt! Then if you go up the stairs there's a full bath--with a tub!(we've had just a stand up shower that is super tiny!) then we'll have 2 bedrooms--both a good size. and outside we'll have a little area to garden or plant flowers or whatever. there's also a pool and a park right across the parking lot. and church is less than 5 min walk! we're soo excited...

oh--and here are some pictures... sorry they're not the best quality--they're from my phone.
before and after! the color is a deep mahogany.. it's really pretty in the light:) sorry, they're after and before..lol.. every time i post it switched them..lol... :)


so.. great news!

we got a new grill today and it's wonderful looking and we're so excited and i'm getting my hair cut sat morning and then going shopping for some new clothes then to lunch with some girl friends while matt has a buisness meeting and a cookout with the elders quorum. Saturday night Jenny is going to help me color my hair a deep mahogony brown. i'm super excited...

oh yeah, and tomorrow night we're going on a super fun double date to a venezualen restraunt and then to watch taken or play rock band... fun weekend in the works for sure! <3


Busy Week!

Wow! This week was super busy and i'm glad that it's over. It started out with the basics, work daily school MWF morning, and W night, as well as working out with my workout buddy.3 nights out of the week. On top of that, I handed in a 15 page paper on Wed morning, prepared for and took 2 exams on Thursday between 10 and 3 and another one Friday morning before my 1000 class. Work was super awesome. I did find someone to cover my shift on Thursday so I had more time to take my exams. But Wed, I scanned about 20,000 images by myself in my 4 hour shift. I accounted for almost 1/4 of my entire shifts production that day. On Friday, I set my goal to 22,000 images and I scanned 23,600. I was on pace to hit about 30,000 but the system got backed up and I was only able to scan about 3 rolls my last hour as opposed to about 6. To top it all, I really don't feel well. I really am proud of myself for staying focused. It was also really helpful that Matthew just started his history class online and he has slammed through about 3 lessons so far. We were both really looking forward to this weekend. Apartment hunting and the final decision and some fun. We went to Costa Vida last night and I realized that it tasted like heaven. We just love it there.
I hope your week was exciting just like ours. Next week will also be a little busy and thne hopefully it's free sailing until finals! That will be crazy since on top of my tests and the actual graduation, family will be coming in, and we'll be moving out and into our new place all in the same week! Not looking forward to that one.

Much Love!
<3 DeAnna and Matthew