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I LOVE October! This year was a bit cold for my liking but I'll take it. Fall is beautiful- the leaves changing. Unfortunately, after they fell the weather got REALLY cold and then Jarhead had an ear infection and then the yard crew cleaned them up! So, I didn't get any pictures and we only got to play in them a few times.. Oh Well.. Even though we didn't get to do everything I wanted because it got cold, we still had a great (and busy!) month!!

okay- these pictures came up way out of order but what can you do...  :)

Our little superman!
Jarhead LOVED trick or treating. He pointed to and touched every single pumpkin, cried when we left the first few houses, then once he figured it out ran from house to house saying "house house house".. He also laid on a ton of people's lawns! At the first house, he bolted in as soon as they opened the door.. At least we knew them!

LOVES pumpkins this year- and of course the truck...

even trucks need to swing!

laundry day.. see the pattern?

football night!

loves to snuggle with his bear and a blanket to watch TV


it's cold waiting for the bath to fill so he needed mom's robe!

bundled up! it got cold for a few days! brrr!

being silly  in the car!

mmmmm.. a yummy roasted butternut squash pizza with carmalized onions and some feta cheese... my hubby rocks! :)

mmm... another pizza! this one has salami from Tony Caputos and heirloom tomatoes with some truffle cheese! yummmy! love fresh ingredients!

Grams bought him some winter boots and he was so excited!

Loved driving the cars at the Riverwoods!

He loves his new bed! most days he stays in it with no problems!

playing at dinner...

i love my cute boy!

running around with a pumpkin on his head.. he'd lift it  to take a peek of where he was, eat, or drink..

playing in the leaves..

blurry but look at how cute he is for church!

took him to walmart on a cold day to let him look at toys.. this is what he chose to look at for the majority of the time!

and we saw the fish! he was excited!

This is one of Jarhead's favorite friends.. He is so nice to let him play with him! When he gets home from school, Jarhead is always so excited!

another friend from our complex.. we went to walk up around bridal veil falls.. chilly but really nice..

ahhh.. our friend that we watched.. Jarhead had so much fun with him!

Pooh needs to ride the train too!

well- that's why you woke up from your nap early!!

our little reader!

met up with some more friends at Thanksgiving point. The boys are only a week apart and hadn't met each other yet but within a few minutes they were good buds.. although- neither wanted a pic.. I dont have a pic of my friend tho!

how he chose to eat his cereal... SILLY boy! He's also done this with water that he spilled!

 last night in crib and checking out his new bed!

hiding... hiding... hiding.. haha

bachi came to visit!! yay!

  trying to eat dad's leg!

 Pizza Night- Woot Woot!

peanut butter face!

playing at the duck pond!

okay... chasing the ducks at the duck pond.. let's be honest.

During Preisthood, Matt's sister and I got together and went to the mall so the kids to play some.. Jarhead got a chocolate sucker and was running around like a mad man!

he did this for a while.. laid down and breathed- like the fabreeze commercial! AHHA

I love my boys <3

Happy October- hope yours was as awesome as ours!