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August 2013

What a great month! August was super fun and busy! My phone is still having problems trnsferring photos so I dont have any from there but the camera ones will have to do!

what a goof! he's a ham for the camera!

Lego is 2 months old!

"sleepover" in the living room.. we made it until about 1030 and then put Jarhead to bed.. he was not going to sleep with us and lego there!

but mom, i'm just so tired!

GiGi came for a visit! It was SO much fun! We did a little bit of everything.. The riverwoods, arcade, splash pad, dinosaur museum, library, aquarium, bowling, feeding the ducks, farmers market and ate a lot of yummy food! we miss her already! it was so fun to have her here for 2 weeks. Of course, lego didn't understand but Jarhead loved every minute of it and cried when she left.

here he's going to "school"

loves to do tummy time with his brother!

the ducks followed Mr. Clean everywhere. literally, they were just gathered around him where ever he went. 

jarhead loves a show called "pingu" (super dumb but whatev..LOL) and called these penguins Pingu and gave them all hugs. He was so excited to "meet" him...

Jarhead is growing up so fast! He talks up a storm and says the funniest things! I love that he tells me I'm beautiful and that he loves me all the time. It just melts my heart! He's suddenly become scared of everything so I'm hoping it's just a phase! It's so difficult! He's loving his puzzles and reading. He's memorized parts of a few of his favorites. He is a ham for the camera and loves to see himself right away. He's really into wearing his shirts backwards so he can see the other side. (i.e. the spider man shirt in the last few photos). Everything is still SPIDERMAN! he can spot him and other superheros from far away in the car or at the store. It's crazy... He says "I'm so funny" and squints his eyes and stretches his neck and has this funny fake laugh. It's the cutest thing ever. He LOVES his baby brother. He sings to him (or to anyone) if they are "sad".. He holds baby brothers hand and loves to help me with him. He loves nursery and we had to miss a few weeks due to being sick and a blessing and he was so sad! His favorite thing to learn is shapes and lately numbers. He could care less about lowercase letters. 

Lego is getting bigger everyday. He was trying really hard to roll over but has since decided it's better to just chill on his side. haha.. He loves to hold your fingers and onto his toys or binky.. He laughs and smiles so easily-I love it! It's good tho because he could def be a cranky baby! Completely the opposite of Jarhead! He follows Jarhead with his eyes everywhere and smiles when he comes close.  I love seeing their relationship already!

Life is good and busy and I LOVE fall... We're going to have a great next few months!