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25 Years

I can't believe I'm actually 25! I don't feel old or different but it's just weird to say!
In honor of turning 25, here are  few things that I want to remember!

25 of my Most Favorite Memories (not in order- i tried to keep them in categories instead)
Life Memories::
1.  scoring my first goal in soccer
2.  graduating from high school and BYU
3.  being accepted to BYU and living in a whole new state on my own
4.  going to Hawaii
5. going to Europe
6. going to the beach during the summers
7. Being an RA for some of the most AWESOME girls!
Mr. Clean Memories::
8.Go Carts Date with Mr. Clean
9. Reading the notes that mr. clean sent me when we were apart and we were dating.
10. Getting Married
11. Going on our first Night away without Jarhead
12. this last week when mr. clean did something special each day for my 25th birthday! *including taking me to the melting pot!!
Jarhead Memories:
13. bringing Jarhead home
14. the day Jarhead smiled at me
15. the first day Jarhead started walking everywhere
16. Jarhead's funny faces
17. Jarhead's laugh
Friend Memories::
18. girls nights (esp this one last friday!)
19. summer days with the kiddies playing outside
20. buying strawberry daquari mix and OJ for our nonalcoholic drinks but the cashier not believing us!
Church Memories::
21. being baptized
22. meeting SPASM
23. "moving furniture" but really learning all the things I did while doing it.
24. going through the temple
25. receiving my patriarchal blessing

25 Reasons Why This Birthday was Awesome!
1. Mr. Clean surprised me with roses on Monday
2. We watched NCIS on Tuesday and BOTH were great episodes
3. We made AWESOME pizza on Tuesday.
4. We walked around the mall just in case there was something I wanted to buy on Wed.
5. I got NCIS season 5!
6. I went shopping to multiple stores and found cute things!
7. I found time to craft!
8. I got my HairCut! (it's been over a year!!)
9. I got to take a nap.
10. Mr. Clean straightened the house multiple times! (he does this often but this week I was usually asleep!)
11. Jarhead was so good all week! even took naps a few days!
12. I had an AWESOME girls night with friends!
13. I went shopping with friends! We were giggling and talking really fast and just having fun!
14. There was no snow!
15. It was a beautiful week- weather wise! There were a few days I didn't even need a jacket!
16. I got to talk to everyone in my family on my birthday!
17. I got to talk to a friend that I haven't talked with in a while for an hour!
18. I ate whatever I wanted all week and didn't feel bad about it!
19. Mr. Clean was super sweet all week! (he usually is) but this week I got to choose what we ate, what we did, etc.
20. I got a glue gun. *so I dont have to borrow my friend's anymore! haha
21. I got a new calling that I'm SUPER excited for! (Activity Day Leader)
22. Mr. Clean took me on a date to the MELTING POT! It was sooo yummy!
23. Our friends' watched Jarhead for about 4 hours on Saturday so we didn't feel rushed on our date!
24. Mr. Clean let me pick the movie we watched! (Rise of the Planet of the Apes! SO GOOD!)
25. I turned 25! It's pretty awesome because it's a quarter of a century!

I am so blessed in my life. My husband is the best ever and is my very very vest friend. I have the cutest little boy and he makes me smile every day. I love my family and I have the greatest in-laws. I have the gospel in my life. I'm excited and ready to be 25! Here I come year- it's going to ROCK!


December 2011

Wow! December was SUCH a busy month for us! It flew by! We did so many great things tho- I hope I can do it justice in this post!

My dad came in the beginning of the month for about a week. He was here for Jarhead's first birthday. We went to Cabela's, the Bean museum, Iggy's to watch our football teams play against each other, and to the base of the Y to see the valley. Jarhead had a great time with his grandpa here!

While Grandpa V was here, we celebrated Jarhead's First Birthday! I can't believe my baby is one!! This past year has been full of so many ups and downs with jobs and schooling and moving and health issues but the best thing about it was my little Jarhead. He made it alll worth it. I sure do love him! One of his favorite theme songs to watch is the Cosby Show.. We thought it'd be fun to use that for the theme of his birthday! Plus- what other 1 year old has a Cosby Party!! It was so much fun tho. Matt's brother,wife, and little boy, and our neighbors (Jarhead's best friend T-Man's family) and my dad were here with us. Jarhead was SO spoiled but we're really grateful for everyone who got him fun little toys, clothes, and other things. 

After my dad left, we had a week until Mr. Clean's parents came. It was a busy week straightening up from Jarhead's party and getting ready for more company..
Mr. Clean and I got to go away overnight which was super nice and relaxing! I dont have any pictures tho :( The room was really nice. We went to a nice dinner and the movies. We'll def go back to the Anniversary Inn again.
With Mr. Clean's parents here we were super busy!  Pros- We had Scones for Christmas Eve at his sister's house and Christmas day was TriTip and potatoes at our house. The girls went out shopping and to lunch while they were here too and Jarhead's cousin was blessed.. Cons-Jarhead cut a new tooth so he was cranky for a few days. Mr. Clean and I got super sick so we did nothing but lay on the couch for a day.  but in the end it was a great trip..
 Christmas was great- Jarhead loved it. He loved eating (and breaking) the candy canes. He loved the chair that Santa brought and he enjoyed opening all the gifts! He didn't hate sitting on Santa's lap... It was just all great..I love that he was much more alert and excited this year! It's just going to get better and better!

We have a bunch of videos as well but I need to sort thru the good ones! I'll post them later! Hope your Christmas was as awesome as ours!