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From here to There: and everything in between

Hello everyone! i know its been forever. I've been wanting to write for a few days now and everyday I put it off and then there's just more to write so I feel I dont have the time. I also wanted to wait until I had pictures but they've been put off a few days. We've been sick here :( (again- we were sick on the drive out here a few weeks ago) so we've pretty much spent days doing the things we had to and sleeping on the couch for the rest.

things have been super good here! I'm LOVING my new job. I sure do miss my old friends in utah tho- it'll never be quite the same. the office is much more professional. and the conversations are quite different and I've had MANY opportunities to talk about the church. It's pretty cool. I've never really experienced that before. in high school- my friends just knew and were learning it with me really. and then I was in utah and while I know there are opportunities and I had some- it just wasn't too often. but here- it's been pretty neat. and i realized how much i love it... i'm loving being a supervisor- it's a real job with a salary and benefits and everything. and it's cool. i'm the youngest in my office- which feels weird sometimes- but most people seem pretty okay with it. at least - so far.

i can't believe how fast time flies. it's weird to think we're half way through november. our apt is finally looking. and feeling like our home. and we're starting to learn our way around the area without a map or google. we get to go home for thanksgiving! i'm so excited to see my family and my girlfriends! it's been way to long! we're going to have 2 thanksgiving dinners and a bday party for paige. we'll also have family pictures i'm sure... i'm going to go shopping with the girls early on friday... i'm just super excited.. we came home for the recption about a year and a half ago but it was just a few days!

i promise i'll post pictures soon. we need to hang the photos around the house first but then <3 you'll get to see it all!



I'm at work and so I really don't have much time to update but promise i will once we get internet. we are loving it here already. we've moved in my moms furniture(now ours! :) ) and our stuf should come today... it has also been 2 years (oct 30) since my first date with matthew. who knew that that first date would change my life <3 i love my baby.. he's my very best friend and i really, truely would be lost without him..

a real post to come soon... hopefully with pictures!! :)