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half way through the semester is always a good time of year:)



** haha. okay, the 74 years history.. not much but matthew and i were talking on the way home from sandy about his grandparents... they were married 74 years and I thought about how long it was... lol.. so that's what 74 years was. :)

74 years. That is true love, so long, so wonderful. a whole entire life together and that is still incomprehensible compared to eternity.It's amazing all of the wonderful blessings our Heavenly Father has given to us.
on a different note,
Matthew and I went to a really cute castle bed and breakfast last night. It was just up in Sansy but we had a rebate check from our credit card and a 20.00 off coupon so the room cost us like $10 bucks. sweet huh! anyway, we went to the cheesecake factory for some realllly yummy food, and then spent the day walking around the Park City outlets. It was fun. Matt's fallen asleep on the couch even!
It was especially good because I've had the craziest week with school. I'm so glad it's finalllly over!

Anyway, going to get ready for a friend's wedding reception! I love weddings! yay!



Vote YES on Proposition 8

I first want to echo my husband's statement in his blog(lary's lightbulb moments) and urge you to watch this clip.
Preserving the Divine Institution of Marriage

and to read this article.

They say it better than I can.

I'm not going to make this lengthy but i want everyone who reads this to know where i stand.
I do not support homosexual marriages nor do I support their lifestyles. The Lord made man and woman for each other so that they could become one. I love all people and so does the Lord, however, He does not and will not accept these decisions. The church does not usually get involved in political affairs and I feel that if the prophets feel the importance of telling all members to vote yes on this and stand up for what we believe in then we should do it. No questions asked. We raised our hand to sustain him and we should follow his council.

Vote Yes. This is important.

lucky girl i am.

i havebeen sooo busy i literally can't breathe. but i started my job this week and it's really easy.. i just scan rolls of film or look at them to make sure they're not to dark or light.... it's at ancestery.com and i love it. i work with some reallly fun girls... i work 8-12 and then go to schoool either 1-4 or 2-630.. but matt usually takes me at 1230 so i don't have to walk..
he's so wonderful. he's done the laundry for me and cleaned and made dinner.... just wanted everyone to know how lucky i am:)
time for work.



((for those from Wilkes-Barre)) I don't know if you knew or not, but Jessica Cruz got married in the beginning of September. If you're her friend on facebook she has a pretty cool video up of the wedding day! She looks great and the ids look so big! anyway, i thought it was cool!


Philli <3

Can you believe it! The temple since I was baptized was the DC temple although I've been able to go to manhatten and Palmyra along with a handful of ones here in utah. and today in general conference, our wonderful prophet announced a temple in PHILADELPHIA! I am so excited. I just gasped in joy when I heard it this morning. i've told my whole family about the open house and they hope to go when it's all finished.i hope it will help them see how much i love the temple and go and see and feel the beauty of it. I know it'll be a while before it's done but still! all these years i've hoped, and all the years those from around my home area have hoped and prayed for a temple close by. I'm so excited and just had to share! Also, Rome and the Kansas city area is pretty cool! I just love this gospel!