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Well! We have had an eventful few days! It's been great though! In Utah, July 24 is Pioneer day. However, in our house it's Matthew's birthday! but the nice thing about it being a state holiday is we had the day off of work. My work gave us Thurs and Fri off and Matthew took Friday off so we had a 4 day weekend! We did a TON of fun stuff!
Thursday we slept in and matt was sooo excited to open his presents. he got a bunch of fun stuff. His mom and dad got him the harry potter movies and this watch that shows him his heart rate. my mom got him a sports authority gift card were he got 15 lb. weights and sunglasses. His sister got him some jeans and will give him some 10 lb weights. and I got him a Laker's shirt, a 49er's hat and a pedometer. He also got himself a game for the X Box.then we went to the cheescake factory for lunch. AMAZING.. top 5 resteraunts of all time. They had everything and like 25 different kinds of cheesecake which is matt's favorite food. We ate a ton and then came back and went mini golfing with matt's sister and her boyfriend, Brad! Then we chilled a bit, got slurpees( YUM!) and went to see Get Smart.. It was a pretty funny movie. I had no idea what it was about so I had no expectations...
Friday was full of lounging around, Indiana Jones Lego's on the Wii and the Scera pool, equipped with slides and diving boards...
and our last full day of freedom was spent going to breakfast, doing errands and relaxing.

We're excited for this week to be over because we're leaving for CA on Saturday morning! I've never been so I am soo excited! and he's excited because it's his old stomping grounds..

much love<3


The reason for the music...

okay, so 3 music posts. here's the why's...
1st is our song. Out of my league by Steven speaks. On my birthday( in January, aka the night he proposed) he made me a CD mix. He told me number 8 was his favorite and it has been mine since. I love this song and I think the words are beautiful.
2nd song is matt's pick. he looooved Guitar Hero and this is the bonus song and it's killer hard!
3rd song is just a memory song. Matt and I were friends before we started dating. but I think the first time we "noticed" each other was at the Halloween dance for our ward. We were all dancing and Matt took me away from our circle of friends and into the middle of the ward with this song just for fun...

anyway, the site is still a work in progress.... but thanks for staying tuned<3
Yay! all fixed:) enjoy!!



please pardon the page. I started to change it, forgot something and don't have time to fix it... come back next time or in a week or so and it'll be all prettified again:) thanks!

July <3

i know i've been a slacker! sorry! but here are the wedding pictures from Utah... I'll get the ones from PA to you soon.. That's the goal anyway... We've been busy around here. It's crazy how time flies really.. Matthew and I have known each other for about a year now and it's crazy so much has happened! His birthday is on Thurs and he will be 25! We just had a surprise party for him on Friday and it was sooo much fun! Food, friends, and video games. that tops the charts...lol.... Other than that, work has been good for both of us. It keeps us busy. We've had aan eventful July. Paul and Ande visited the first weekend, camping with the ward the second, and Mariel came the third and we got to go to SLC to see her sister Whitney. This weekend is his birthday and the weekend after that we'll leave for our CA trip. busybusy busy... want to get it all in before school starts again which is inching up closer and closer... anyhow, we'll write and post again soon. much love! DeAnna and Matthew

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Wedding Photos

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