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New Orem Apartment

After packing up our stuff in boxes, a 15 day trip to California, three days of packing the pods, 10 days in Pennsylvania, five days in Illinois, almost 3000 miles of driving, and then unpacking everything here in Utah, we are settled in and ready for Utah! Here are some pictures of the new place.


Happy Mother's Day!

i know this is a little late. but with moving and traveling and visiting with family i haven't gotten around to posting. i'll post about jarhead turning 5 months old soon because let's be honest- you all want pictures.. haha. but i haven't gotten around to putting them on the puter yet...all in good time my friend. but don't worry- he's still cute. he's still growing. he's still a good sleeper. and we STILL love him more than anything!

i really enjoyed this talk called "mothers who know". thank you to to my mother and mr. cleans mom who without we couldn't be the people we are today without them. they taught us, loved us, nurtured us, and helped us to grow and love and enjoy life. also, thank you to all women who in some way have influenced our lives, have taught us to be parents, have taught us to love and be patient, who have loved us.

here's a link to this talk

this was my first mothers day and i loved it. thanks to my sweet hubby for making the day so special!

this is also belated (as was the post below! also new :) )but happy mothers day mom.

3 Wonderful Years

The last 3 years have honestly been the best 3 years of my life. Sure- we've had some difficult times (ummmm, these last 6 months...) But even with all of that- life is wonderful. why is it wonderful? because i married my very very best friend. in fact, i have the very best husband in the world- no- i won't argue that you think your hubby is the best..because that's not the point.... your hubby is probably great- for you. but for me- mr. clean is the most perfect person i could be with. so because of that- this post is dedicated to him.

10 reasons i love mr. clean:

1. We have SO much fun together. Sometimes- i'm a grumpy person.. especially when i'm tired. but mr. clean is so good at making me feel better. if i want to dance- we dance. if i want to sing- he lets me sing.

2. He's super cute :)

3. he's really good at making funny faces. he makes me laugh. and he's not afraid to be himself- even with others.

4. he's an AMAZING dad. he takes care of jarhead when i nap. we take turns feeding and changing his diaper. he plays with him and teaches him new things. our children are going to have so much fun with him. jarhead already does and he's only 5 months!

5. he's my best friend in the entire world.

6. he helps me with the housework.
7. he is going to school to get his masters degree so that he can give us a better life.
8. he is going to work while going to school so that i can stay home with jarhead.
9. he supports what i want to do. no matter what it is- he does what he can to make it happen.
10.he is a worthy priesthood holder. he can give me or jarhead a blessing whenever we need it. he is an example to me and he is an example to jarhead. every day i see him striving to be a better person.

there are soooo many reasons why i love mr. clean. he's my bestest friend. and even though it's a few days late- happy 3 year anniversary, sweetheart <3


HoMeLeSs but full of opporutunities

Well- We are officially homeless. We got back from Cali late Wed night (cali fun-ness to come later)... Thursday we spent packing the pod. A friend and her 3 young boys came to help during the day for a few hours. Even though their hands were little, it cut down on a lot of our trips up and down the stairs which was really helpful... then mr. clean and i took a break and ate some chipotle using a gift card i won while in cali... our friend mike came over that night to help mr. clean move the couch, love seat, and desk.. our couch really didn't fit well in the pods! :( we had to slant it... Anyway, we knew then we probably wouldn't fit everything into 2 pods like we had hoped and so we just decided to keep everything and we'll try to sell it once we are in utah. friday morning another friend came with his 4 kids (all a bit older). they helped us finish get everything into the pods. Packing for our trip took a little while since as we were putting things in the pod- if it had to go in the car it was just moved to the back room in no sort of order... friday night we decided to take a break and go visit some friends since we hadn't seen their new baby yet. He was so long and skinny but super cute. anyway, it was a great break. we're gonna miss them!! saturday morning we finished cleaning and left our place by 12:30. We turned in our comcast stuff and headed to PA for a visit with my family.

We lived in MD for the last year and half. I graduated from BYU while working part time for ACOM about 2 years ago. Then I was full time, promoted to team lead, and then to supervisor of the DC office all within 6 months. Once we found out I had the job, I had to start the following month. so Mr. Clean quit his job and packed up our house while I continued working. Then we took a 2 week house hunting trip to DC, flew back to UT and made the drive out3 days later. I started work 3 days after getting to MD. It was crazy and hectic and exciting... i loved my job and we made GREAT friends. We made weekend visits up to my family in PA and took a week-long vacation to NC with my mom's family. We took an anniversary trip to Atlantic City and enjoyed many day trips to DC... We got to see the fireworks with the monument and had fun callings in our ward. We started our family and were lucky to have such a great hospital for Jarhead. We had so much help and support from family and friends when I got sick... Living in MD wasn't perfect though.. We lost power- multiple times. We had flood and tornado watches. We had a crazy amount of snow where life basically shut down for a week. We experienced sickness and more hospital visits then either of us had ever had in our lives previous to that year. It was busy and stressful at times. When we decided that Mr. Clean was suppose to go back to school for his masters, we knew that UT was the place for us to be...again. I hated UT when we lived there but I've decided that this time would be different. I learned a lot while living in MD. There is a lot of bad with the good but if I make sure to focus on the little good things the bad tings- even if they are big- won't seem to matter quite as much. i read this quote that someone wrote in sidewalk chalk that reminded me of this "sometimes good things end so that better things can come". we didn't expect to have to leave MD in such a hurry- we had planned to be there for a few more years but the Lord had other plans for us. I don't know what they are. I know that Mr. Clean is suppose to go back to school and I know that the best opportunity for that is in UT. I know that once we get out there we're going to have to find a place to live- find jobs- and start the student life all over again. but it's also exciting. It's a whole new opportunity. Mr. Clean's siblings will be there and we're going back to lots of friends.In the end, we're really excited for our move. We're sad to leave our friends in MD but we're grateful for the time we had to be there and make them.

This was already a long post so I'll write about our cali adventures later... with pictures hopefully.. i still need to download them from the camera.