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I owe you videos. i know. they just take so long to upload... last time i had it running and the tab got closed. boo. anyway- i'll start them again after this..

february was a busy and fun month for us! Here's our month in photos!

Jarhead is addicted to youtube. i used it one day to get him to fall asleep when he wasn't napping well. i thought it was a good idea and was ready to try just about anything to get him to nap. see those poor tired eyes. however- now we can't sit on the computer at all while he's awake without him wanting to get up and watch you tube. he's since learned to "use" the mouse and turn up the volume. he also hits the keyboard when the video he was watching ends. oh boy... we haven't let him watch any for a week but he still wants to sit up here and watch... 

our super bowl spread. ohhh good memories. there was so much good food. it made us happy :)

i love his little smile. i'm so so lucky to have so a happy little boy!

at the bean museum with bachi.. jarhead loves the bears!

and the butterflies! he also touched the iguana!

 while my mom was here, we had dinner with her aunt and cousins. it was a lot of fun. after jarhead warmed up a little he loved playing with the 2 girls....
cute hat and glove wearing in the house!

playing with bachi at the play place at the mall! he also loved this cart thing that he could climb back and forth over the divider part. there were a lot of big kids there so it was difficult to keep him from getting pushed out of the way but he seemed to have fun anyway..he takes off his shoes instantly so they stayed off so we didn't lose them!
in DEB while we were waiting for Mr. Clean who was in See's Candy (it's one of the closest stores and Jarhead wandered in) He found the bin of sunglasses in the back and took them out of the box and put them in a pile in the middle of the floor. we were in the back and it was almost closing so no one seemed to mind (if anyone even noticed) don't worry- i picked them all up! 
so tired from all the fun we had while bachi was here! we also had a lot of fun at the little gym but i'll need to get those pics from my mom to post! it was super cute! we also went to jump on it but she has those too!
I made my momma this bag for her travels back! I didn't use a pattern so I was pretty excited about it and she loved it! the Fabric TOTALLY fits her :)

just some more fun pictures. We were sick and so were a lot of friends this month so we spent a lot of time at home (other than the time my mom was here)... He's always finding new ways to watch TV (we really dont watch that much) but he loves it when it's on! 

We're good and happy and just loving life! We're excited for the spring weather to be here to stay! We're trying to have a fun but low key March since we have a bunch of family coming at the beg of April so we want to be all prepared for that! It's getting close and we're SUPER excited!!

Some Fun Facts about Jarhead for February:
He learned to wave "bye bye" on command almost every time you ask him.
He knows that we pray after we read scriptures each night and will fold his arms. sometimes without being asked.
He likes to take his milk out of the fridge, drink some, put it back, and then shut the fridge.
He will "wipe" his nose/face if you give him a washcloth or tissue.
If he finds his  nose sucker thing, he'll try to put it up his nose.
He thinks Mr. Clean's saline solution is the saline solution we put in his nose while he was sick. (and tries to put it in his nose)
He has masted the stairs although, I still keep the gate up most days since the other side of the house isn't totally child proofed. 
He still LOVES to wrestle.
We thought we taught him to growl when asked "what does a bear say".. we've realized if you ask anything in the question tone, he will growl. 
He loves to read the Bernstein Bear books. He loves to look at bears in other books to so that's his most preferred animal at the moment.
He's learning to point to his nose and does it about half the time.
He's busy and everywhere but I love it! He has his own "language" and talks to himself and sometimes others. He thinks everyone else understands him. Most of the time we dont, but he is getting better at communicating.. It's such a fun exciting time!