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Moving Time!

I can never think of clever titles... sorry about that! oh well!
anyway- we've been super busy around here!! We're just about packed.. Today will consist of disassembling most things in our place, moving the bed to the living room, and then cleaning the back to rooms so we don't have to worry about them anymore.... Now that we know we're going, we're excited and ready to get to Utah and find a place to live... It'll be busy but worth it... Mr. Clean is going to go back to school for a little while and then we'll see what life holds!!

this is how we found jack after one of his naps!

and below are some pics from my mom's birthday party!

and then just some other cute ones from the last weekend or so :)



Our life has been super eventful lately! I feel like I haven't even had time to catch my breath!
Jarhead just had his 4 month appointment..
He weighed 13 lb 4 oz- 25%
He was 23 in long-5%
His head was 40.5 cm- 50%

He has also had a ton of firsts this last month..

He learned to roll! He went from his back to his tummy first and we got to see him do it! He's been pulling himself up to his side for a while now and one morning we left him in his crib to watch him keep trying. and then there he went- onto his tummy!! Mr. Clean and I were so excited! I think we scared him after he did it.. He continued to improve the rest of the day and now he's an old pro. A few days later he figured out how to go from his tummt to his back- which is more comforting so if he rolls at night- i know he can get back... He's a side sleeper tho! When we wake up in the morning- he's usually on his side!

He learned to blow bubbles and spit. He's been drooling for a while and he eapractically eats his hands! He sticks his whole hand up to his wrist into his mouth until he gags a little bit, then he'll pull it out for a few seconds and start over.. silly little one! your mouth is only so big!! haha. He loves to blow bubbles tho! He will entertain himself for at least 30-40 minutes just blowing bubbles. He has to have a bib on or his whole shirt is super wet!

He's been sleeping through the night since he was about 6 weeks. but now that he's down to 5 feedings a day, sometimes his last feeding is between 8 and 9.... if he has his last feeding after 8, we let him sleep other wise we wake him up for one last feeding... but he can sleep up to 12 hours now! not every night, but at least a few nights a week.. Last night he ate at 830 and fell asleep after around 9. He slept until about 8 or 815 this morning. Now, if I went to bed when he did- I'd have gotten a ton of sleep! haha.. but no, i went in around 1230! at least i got about 8 hours!

Little Man loves TV! We've been really busy lately- cleaning and such- and so we've put on his "Baby Signs" DVD a few times. His eyes are glued to the TV and he's quiet. He's just like his daddy!

Jarhead is such a happy little boy! I love spending time with him! I love being there when he does new things for the first time. I love watching him smile. I love watching him sleep. I just love being a mom!

He'll also have many firsts in the next few months!

His first plane ride.
His first time in CO(layover) and California.
His first time meeting mr. clean's family(except mr.clean's mom)
His first time having rice cereal(we're starting that in a week or so)
His first time on a loooooong road trip- across the country long. he'll be in ohio, indiana, illinois, iowa, nebraska, wyoming, and utah.
His first time meeting family in IL.
His first time meeting more family and friends in Utah.
He'll have his second home and become a resident of Utah...

It's going to be a crazy month for us! We're here in VA visiting my momma until Tuesday and then we'll be headed out to California for 2 weeks then come back, pack up the pods and head back out west. we'll head to pa to visit my family for a few days then start the journey... when we get there we'll be staying with a family friend while we look for a job and a place to live... mr. clean is going to go back to byu to finish his degree...

who would've thought that we'd move here for a year and a half and then head back out west... utah- here we come....

*sorry for no pics.. i'm at my momma's and the pics are on my home computer..