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Father's Day!

I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as a father's protection.
-sigmund freud

Mr. Clean is the greatest dad ever! Jarhead loves when he comes home from school/work and can't wait to play with him. He loves to wrestle and climb and give him kisses. I'm so grateful to have a husband that my child admires and wants to be like-- and I would be one very proud momma if my little Jarhead turns out to be like him. He is working hard to support our family so that I can stay home. I sure do love him!

My dad and Mr. Clean's dad are great examples to our family. They have taught us patience, love, and responsibility. Of course, I didn't know Mr. Clean's dad growing up but I have seen him in home videos and the kids all have so much fun with him. My dad taught me about sports and how to be wise with my money. I'm so grateful that Jarhead and our future kiddos will have such great grandpas to hang out with!

We are blessed with some awesome grandpas! They love us and support us and teach us great things. Jarhead is lucky to have 3 great-grandpas who love him very much. My Pop would have loved to meet our little Jarhead but I know that he is smiling down from heaven- especially when Jarhead picked up his first golf club!

Happy Father's Day to all fathers and men who are like fathers to us! I'm grateful for your influence in my life and the life of my family. Especially since I have a boy, I'm grateful that he'll be able to have so many great male influences in his life!


I can't believe it's already past mid June and I haven't posted yet! Sorry about that!
This summer has been seriously busy! good busy but busy none the less and computer/blogging time has been pushed aside.

We sure have a silly boy! He loves to play!


thinks that everything is a phone!

loves to sit in boxes these days...
enjoys laying down with blankets and pillows on top of him..

his new favorite spot!

The biggest thing that happened in May was the Bachi came to visit!

 My two favorite boys!

We went to Bridal Veil Falls! Jarhead is all boy! he loved playing in the water..

and on the logs...

and in the rocks..

and "climbing" the mountain with mom...

in the end, dad came to help us down because he just wanted to go higher but the rocks were getting looser for his little feet!

loved going to the aquarium! he enjoyed watching all the other kids and climbing.. oh- and there were fish there-- he noticed a few!

his size penguin!

Jump on It was a lot of fun! After a few minutes he got the hang of it and loved running around and "jumping"!!

We've been bowling before but last time Jarhead was to small to really play so this was his first.. He loved pushing the ball down and "carrying" his ball over to the lane.. He actually did quite well!

May was a great month!
 Jarhead learned so many things...
  • he is all boy! he loves to climb, run, get dirty, and be loud.
  • he LOVES his dad. He loves to bebe(or wrestle for those who use real words ;) ) and climb all over him when he gets home.
  • he loves to play outside. 
  • he loves his friends. especially T-man! He squeals,laughs, and runs to him whenever he sees him! T-man does the same!
  • He is learning to speak! (i'm not sure which of these he's learned in June) but he can probably say 15-20 words now and is learning to use them in the right context (as opposed to when we tell him to say a word)
  • He knows all the basic body parts but his favorites are nose and ears and likes to point to them on other people. When he's hungry, he shows people his belly!
  • He knows about 3-5 animals. 3 consistantly (bear, snake, and lion) and can get a few others depending on his mood or with help.
  • he LOVES to read!  he reads on his own and with others.. it makes me one happy momma!
well- i think that's all for now! June's post will be coming soon!