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Well, I love life. Work has been really busy for me lately but I am really enjoying it. Sally and i have been "acting" supervisor and team lead. I enjoy doing team lead things and Sally is so great at being a boss! It's been fun calling people for interviews. i love doing little tasks throughout the day, it makes things the day go by so much faster! Also, i have been set up on this "Black Ops" team.. Basically, I'm working with a small group of people (2 others) to get small projects from start to finish. I am learning a TON of stuff everyday and it's pretty neat (and scary) to have so much responsibility. So, between being team lead, doing this black ops thing, and helping mike with calling occasionally, I barely have time to do anything else. I come home and think, wow--what did i do today although i know i did a bunch of stuff because i didn't even sit down..
anyway, it's a great opportunity and wanted to share!
other than work, matthew and I have just been busy with day to day activities. tomorrow we're going camping with our ward(english not spanish). we dont really knwo anyone but we figure it'll be a good time just to camp and play games...
i'll post some pictures from california soon. It was really fun! It's always so fantastic to be with familie. i wish we could be with family more often.


I found this on a friends blog and had to repost.

*she found it in the parents magazine, july issue.

Dear Mom and Dad,

Thank you for your interest in remaining my parents. Below is a list of my demands.

The Toddler Contract

I. Food
1.)For breakfast, there will be only milk in my sippy cup while I am watching television (see section II.)

2.)From breakfast until what you probably call lunch, I will be provided with an unending supply of cookies.
No arguments.

3.)For lunch I will eat yogurt. Anything containing fruit on the bottom will make me pick it out and throw it on the ground or else throw it up on your carpet.
a. So no fruit on the bottom.

4.)From lunch until dinner I will enjoy having something to lick. Why not a lollipop? Why not seven?
a. Between licks, I may place my lollipop on your grandmother's Turkish rug. This will be ok with you.

5.)For dinner I will have macaroni and cheese. Any attempts to give me vegetables in addition to the macaroni and cheese will result in tears.
a. And don't you dare hide anything in the cheese sauce, because, my goodness, how you will rue the day.

6.)After dinner you may provide me with ice cream.
a. No frozen yogurt. Trust me, I know the difference.

II. Television
1.)The TV will be on all the time, unless I say differently. You are to sit by my side, quietly, hands folded in lap, while I watch my shows.
a. You may arise to fetch me a snack.

2.)No diaper changing or pleas to engage in physical activity will be tolerated during the watching of television.

3.)Turning off of television will result in much kicking and screaming.

III. Toys
1.) There will be many.
a. They will always be strewn about the house so that I may simply reach down and pick up a toy, no matter where I am.
b. They will be loud, complicated, and contain many small pieces. I will enjoy shooting noises that go w-shoooop! or zim zim zim.
c. Nothing that results in any type of learning, please.

IV.) Friends
1.)They should be available whenever I'm in the mood to use someone else's toys or ingest someone else's cookies.
a. These friends may not ever so much as look at my toys or cookie supply.
b. Ever, ever, ever.

V.) Sleep
1.)Is when I say, where I say, and how I say. If I want to sleep upside down with my legs locked around your neck, then that's how it will be.
a. And you will enjoy it.

VI.) Affection
1.)Occasionally I enjoy being hugged and kissed. I stress occasionally.

2.)I will not be pelted with wet-mouthed assaults on an hourly basis. Should you feel the need to hug or kiss, you must provide me with a written request.
a. And then Wait for me to provide my pudgy cheeks


i still have a lot of things to learn.