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busy time

almost every day I get on here and then I think, i have so much i want to write and then i don't because i don't have that much time. so this may be short but so much has happened! We went to Cali for Jenny's wedding. It was beautiful and fun but VERY exhausting. it was a busy break but it was so warm and we never wanted to come home. that sunday was my birthday. it was also the day that matthew proposed last year. It was a good day even though we traveled home. We celebrated my birthday the next weekend since we had 3 days off:) It was the best birthday weekend ever. I love being with Matthew and I love that we have weekends off so we can just be together and do everything we don't have time for during the week. We went to the movies and the bookstore, out for lunch, and watched MANY episodes of Gilmore Girls, relaxed A LOT, went shopping, and went out for yummy desssert. It was so much fun and Matthew did it all:) He is my very best friend and I am happier than I ever could have imagined.
This weekend was busy with Jenny and Brad's other reception so Matt's mom flew in. It was aanother busy weekend but it's always fun to be with family. This week we're looking forward to resting and getting ready for the Super Bowl! Matthew is Go Cardinals and I am Go Steelers! It's going to be fun.
anyway, gotta run.. <3


I love Picassa.

I love Picassa! it lets you do so many cool things with your photos! I'm really into making invitations and so I've been playing around with some settings. These obviously aren't the invitations, but these are some of the fun ones i've made :)
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Happppy New Year!

Hope you checked out the video just before this. You really should... After I stopped laughing I really did feel bad for the girl, but gotta admit it was probably the worst wedding ever.

well, happy new year everyone! hope it was great for everyone! :)
this isn't a real post but a countdown:)

4 days until my last first day of school
6 days until we go to Cali for a long weekend
9 days until Jenny's wedding
10 days until I turn 22

<3 yay! busy next couple of weeks!