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I love the month of January!  but the one thing I hate about it is it's so dang cold and snowy so you'll understand why this January was one of my favorites ever! I only wore my heavy coat 5 ish times- the rest of the time I was able to get by with a sweatshirt if I wasn't out to long and some days I didn't even need that! (50 degree weather, people- IN UTAH!!) Anyway, aside from the SUPER awesome weather, I celebrated my 25th birthday which was amazing, And! We got some GREAT news! Mr. Clean was officially accepted to BYU and will start school on April 24. He's going to be a math major and should be done with his Bachelors by next December! Then onto a masters! I'm so proud of him and all that he does so that I can stay home with our little man! We're super grateful!

Here's some pictures from our month!

relaxing while watching TV

we created a little toy area for him. it' so nice! often times he sits on his toys. i'm not sure this is comfy but he doesn't seem to mind!

i dont remember what was going on here but something must've been cool!

a new way to watch TV i guess!

noticing the camera

LOVES to carry around his syrup bottles!

again.. sitting on toys!

reading his books!

again.. the positions this child thinks are comfy! hhah

jarhead sure loves when daddy comes home!

love this new face he's been making!

i had a girls night with some friends for my birthday at applebees.. jenny got me this balloon hat! haha! Jarhead loved to play with it!

yay! date night with mr. clean for my birthday! glad our awesome neighbors watched jack for about 4 hours!

yummy! we went to the melting pot for my birthday dinner. It was super yummy... my favorite parts were- well, everything- but especially the dessert chocolate fondue and the salad. it was seriously the best salad i'd ever eaten (the dressing especially)... we also really liked the shrimp and chicken parts of the main course... the cheese was pretty good although i think it could've been hotter.. overall- it really was so fun and nice to be out without the little man for a little bit. dinner was a lot more calm..

i'm so glad the little man loves to read!

his "i'm getting tired" position. then he shoots up because it would belittle him to fall asleep on the floor!

love his chair from Santa!  he climbs over it...

and then tips over... i try to remember to put pillows behind it so he doesn't end up hitting the floor. but either way he doesn't seem to mind..

he's getting so smart! he picks up on just about everything! he got this off the table (still not use to him being able to reach it) and started brushing his teeth on his own :)

learning to climb into the entertainment unit

loves his TV!

First Wrestling Meet! With our Pass of all Passes we get into all UVU sporting events for free. It's pretty sweet. The first one we attended was, of course, a wrestling meet. Jarhead yelled when everyone else was cheering. He had a good time!

me and my Jarhead! this is also a good pic of the haircut I got in January!

I put Sesame Street on him while I made dinner- I turned around to check on him and this is what I found..haha

this use to be his favorite drawer until we put on the child locks.. he doesn't usually mind it because he's found more spots(see below) but sometimes he misses the old one!

secret stash spot #1

secret stash spot #2

As I said, Jaunary was fun. This month is going to be awesome too because my mom comes this week. Life is good. I love our little boy- he's so fun. He's learning so many new things!
Some of the things he's learned
  • fold his arms when we pray
  • brush his teeth
  • sort-of use a spoon  (put it in bowl and then puts in mouth)
  • put his milk away in the fridge (if i open door for him) 
  • rub his hands together if he touches the lotion bottle
  • when the netflix show ends, he finds the remote points it to the TV and presses the button
  • touches the computer screen or keyboard when his youtube video ends
  • understands the majority of our commands- except NO.. but i'm pretty sure he understands and is choosing not to listen...
I love teaching him new things! He's just a fun happy boy!