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Happy Memorial Day!

Okay- so I know I owe you about 5 or 6 posts so due to lack of time even on days off, I will post you pictures. Everything we did was a ton of fun!
First Matt's grandma and her friend came to visit. We went to Chee CheeBurger(yum!) and the Amish Market(Yum!). We also went to Montechello.. It's actually a pretty cool place to go. Very Pretty!!He had a garden the size of 3 football fields!

Then we went up for Shan's wedding. We totally forgot our camera tho :( super sad! but here's a picture of her and her new hubby, Matthew. They met and started dating in high school and here they are 5 years later. I miss her! She looked so beautiful!

A few weeks later, we went to the Zoo! It was a ton of fun! There are a TON of pictures! Here are a few!
Then we had our 2 year anniversary but due to the CRAZYNESS of May, we decided to celebrate next weekend by going to Atlantic City. You'll get pictures then :)
I had to go to Provo for work in the middle of May. It was sad to be away from Matthew but I got to see some really good friends! I did not take enough pictures! oh and I got to eat at my FAVORITE food places. it was yummy..

Last weekend, we were able to celebrate one of my good friend's weddings. She got married in the DC temple and it was great to be be in the sealing. We went out to eat the night before the wedding. I'm so happy for her. She looked absolutely beautiful! We also went to PA for the wedding reception! Here are some pictures!

It was so great to go home and be with family and see friends. We can't wait to go again. We'll have more pictures today- we're going into the city for Memorial Day so that should be really fun!
Well, that about covers our last 2 months! Sory it's been so long! We have a busy next couple months also! Cali in 2 1/2 weeks, finding out the gender and getting a new better picture of the baby, dad,dani and paige visiting, then gram, deb,mel and the kids visiting the next week, then some family celebrations! It's gonna be crazy.
I know- baby right! The take home test was positive the end of march, but we didn't know we were pregnant til April. We saw the heartbeat on April 16 and received this:

It's really hard to see and it's upside down(haha) but the little dot on the right of the black circle... that's the baby. We'll it's much bigger than that now, about the size of a peach. We're super excited to make this new addition to out family :)
  <3 DeAnna