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Slacker but busy :)

I know- I know. I've been promising a post for a while.
 i really should make excuses but life has been SO busy and it is not looking like it will slow down any time soon! Lately, we've been really busy with work and school and church and being sick. now that being sick is over (THANK GOODNESS!) we are just busy with work and school.
Shan's Wedding, this weekend
 Matt's grandma is coming, next week for a week.
celebrating our 2 year anniversary in the beginning of may
possibly a work trip in the middle of may
whit's wedding the end of may
california trip with matthew's family middle of june
maybe visits from different family members in july.

it'll all be very fun and exciting and i promise to post pictures of all of the upcoming events.

but for now, a nice little nap :)