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Well, today was our first Sunday in the Spanish ward. I was so excited all week and then as i was getting ready for church the reality sunk in. this is going to be hard. i got really nervous about my testimony. let me just tell you that i have never been more nervous in my entire life. nothing- not meeting new people, parasailing, going off to college, taking my first final, nothing-- even came close to how nervous i felt. i almost cried! i got up and i was shaking so bad and my face was beat red. matthew said as i started to speak my voice became more clear as i bore my testimony. sunday school was a bit easier. the guy who taught spoke slower. he spoke english too and I was able to understand more of what he was saying. then relief society came. i think i understood 10 words. everyone spoke so fast I couldn't even make out the difference between the words. i was given quote 7 to read. i figured, that shouldn't be too hard. but since i couldn't understand anything i just listened for her to say "7" in spanish. then I heard it, the lady next to me pointed to me so i figured she wanted me to read my quote. HA! i started but then they stopped mee and i turned all red again. the teacher continued and then a fw minutes later was ready for me to read, the lady next to me nodded as to let me know i could read.lol. i read and didn't understand most of it, but thought i did pretty well. haha.. it was a good time and I'm really excited for this calling. nervous, but excited. it'll all get easier with time.

<3 much love!


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Stake Conference

We had stake conference tonight. It was one of the best that I had ever attended. The talks were mostly about trials, family, and being supportive. The one speaker reminded us to not ask why when a trial arises. Asking why does not help the situation and will only make it worse. It's a great reminder. Satan will always try to make us forget that. and I just wanted to share that with all of you. There was a wonderful spirit at the meeting tonight. It was also followed by an ice cream social. I am so blessed in my life, to have a wonderful job, home, family, and husband. i am also very excited to start our new calling next weekend. :)