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On the Road Again! Part 2!

After getting home from PA late Wed evening, we rested up on Thursday morning. Then I did some more packing and we left for Cali about 1pm! We were only doing half the drive. We stopped in Winnemucca to sleep and finished the drive Friday morning. Jarhead did great on both trips and even took a little nap in the car each time! He was glad to be done traveling by the time we got there tho! He was ready to RUN!

After relaxing over the weekend, we were ready for some fun. First stop- Fairytale town and Funderland! Jarhead loved every minute of it!

Jack jumped over the candlestick!

Robin Hood and Little John runnin through the forest...

Jack and the Beanstalk!

The Little Train that Could

Jack and Jill

Watering some plants with Dad!

King Arthur's Castle!

waiting.. somewhat patiently.. to go into Funderland..

Riding the Cars...

and the train..

and the carousel..

but he really wanted to do the roller coaster. he kept trying to get in line! maybe next year!!

We got some Great family pictures!


 he liked to lay here and talk to anyone who went in the bathroom.

loved spending time with great grandparents. they took us to smash burger for lunch and it was soo yummy! i've been thinking about it since!

visiting grandma's school!

this trip is wearing me out!! all this running and playing!!

playing hide and seek with grandma

and more family pictures at a different park! i just love them all!

playing with uncle spencer

 i know this post lacks the words but i have to run and I really wanted to get these pics posted! this trip was so much fun! I read almost 3 whole books while we were there and we got to get a lot of sleep, time in the pool, and lots of fun activities. We got to bowl and Mr. Clean and I went on a date (he took me to an outdoor concert so we could dance!! it was Sooooo amazing!) We loved our trip and can't wait to go back!