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November! What a month! I kept up with the month of gratitude on facebook even thought i didn't dedicate a whole post to each here.. they didn't all have fun pictures to go with, and let's face it.. that's why you're here reading :)

We started off the month eating a bunch Jarhead's Halloween candy! it was so yummy! yes- we did share with him. his favorite was the kit kat bars.. he doesn't get sweets to often and you could tell! he kept wanting more and more!

I can't wait to post about all of the fun crafts I have been making... but most of them are Christmas gifts so it will have to wait.. I posted the skirt I made last month..(here's the tutorial.- you should make the waist smaller than she says tho.. mine came out a bit to big)But anyway, this is a car seat cover I made for a friend. It's reversible and there are also black ties on the green side. I  made one for our new nephew as a gift too. but i sewed the top in strips of fun blue, red, and white blankets... i forgot to take a pic of that one tho :( It's super easy to make and I LOVE how it turned out... Here's the tutorial.

 He's tired here but I love how he's still playing with his little car.

We celebrated 11.11.11 with a pizza! Yummy!!

This was his new climbing spot for a while. Then he started to stand and hang onto the high chair. Obviously- he couldn't get down. Or, he'd climb into the black shelf if the crate was moved over in front of it. We've emptied the blue crate and moved everything.. He doesn't seem to miss it and I'm glad!

playing in his toy bin!

what a climber.. I had climbed up to get something and got down to put it on the table and turned around to this. He was getting a kick out of it!

ohhh, the fireplace...

He FINALLY started to hold his own bottle... Not all of the time, maybe half if we're lucky.. but hey- I'll take it! especially in the car!

Somehow, I missed a picture of the beautiful turkey... I really thought Mr. Clean took one but I can't find it right now... Thanksgiving dinner was so yummy. We had Mr. Clean's brother, wife, and new baby over. We ate so many great things and the turkey came out fantastic! oh and the apple pie...  and the salads, crescent rolls, and potatoes.. oh man... 

It was the last of the little man's first holidays... Bitter Sweet.. I can't believe he's growing up.. For being such a picture taker, I really dropped the ball on this holiday.. I only have a couple.:(.  but we relaxed, ate, and enjoyed our company.. You can see Jarhead loved the dinner and that the sweet potatoes got stuck in his hair! He almost dropped after all the food he ate!

Uncle S is reading one of Jarhead's favorite books. It's funny but he only likes certain ones! I haven't figured out a pattern to the ones that he likes except that they are short (but there are some short ones he doesn't like) If he doesn't like the book, he closes it on you, continually hits it until you close it or tries to take it and throw it. If it's a book he likes, he'll sit there quietly looking at the pages and helps you turn them... I have most of his favorites memorized. i'm hoping he'll find new favorites soon...

He got to open a birthday gift from his aunt melanie and cousins early this year so that they could see it on skype. the technology we have is amazing! i didn't think he'd really be into new toys but i was wrong! he loves this thing. it has this part(in the picture) and another part that you can sit on(the red part in the picture below).. It's pretty impressive the things that it can do.. I'm excited for him to open the rest next week...

At the end of the month, my old roommate came to Utah! It was so great to see her(and her family!)! Her little girl is 2 now and I hadn't gotten to meet her yet! It was so fun to see her and it made me wish she lived closer(even more than i already did)!!
On that same day, a good friend from home was also in Utah!   I dont have that picture yet tho.. still waiting for her to email it.. But it was great to see her and some other friends for breakfast and then head to Ikea to see my old roommate! What a great day!

We're so blessed in our lives. I love where we are living. We have some GREAT friends, awesome families, and the most wonderful little man. Life is crazy and busy and sometimes seems long and difficult but in the end, I wouldn't trade any of it because all of it has shaped us into who we are and lead us to the life we are living....
We hope your Thanksgiving was as great as ours and Have fun getting ready for Christmas! It's such a WONDERFUL time of year!