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Isn't he a Cutie!

My good friend and I switch kids 3-4 times a week so we can exercise childless. The boy is a year old and probably Jarhead's best friend. They follow each other around the house, try to take each other's toys, Jarhead uses him to climb on while T tries to climb away. It is SO funny to watch the boys play together. Here I put some snacks out for Jarhead and T squeezed his way in and they both tried to eat fast so they could get more than the other...

This is Jarhead's "scared" face I've been talking about. Mr. Clean taught him to do it on command. It is soo funny to watch!

He LOVES to beat up the pillows.. I can't find the good video of it so for now this one will have to do...

Same with this video... I need to look around for the good one I have. He climbs over Mr. Clean's legs(or whatever is around) over and over... As you can see here- he's super sleepy.. haha.. He also makes that noise with his lips all day. Super cute!

We were at Mr. Clean's sister's house and we decided to see how Jarhead would do with a push toy. Obviously- he loved it! We're borrowing one from a friend and he walks around the house all day!

Well- he's up now so it's time for lunch!! enjoy the videos!


Family Pictures 2011

Matt's mom came in yesterday and it's been fun just hanging out. We're looking forward to the rest of the weekend with her! But for now- just a quick post full of some family pictures.. We went up to the canyon this morning. It was pretty cold- you can tell Jarhead's nose is pink.. He did so good tho- as he usually does when we're outside... even for being so tired... I also took a swing at some photoshop and like how they came out.. Not bad for a first try! I hope I just keep getting better!!


Ron Page

A good family friend passed away last week and I've been thinking about him a lot. I really wanted to write about it but for some reason I just keep deleting every post I write. I dont seem to have the words to describe what a wonderful man he was and why- even though I have only known him for 3.5 years- he was so important to me.
Growing up, I had attended more funerals than weddings. I knew what to expect, how everything happened in what order, and the feelings that accompanied those events. This viewing and funeral was different. It was still a sad event. Ron Page was a good man- better than good. He truely blessed the lives of every single person he met. I wouldn't doubt that he made the person standing behind him in a grocery store line have a better day- just because they were near him. From the day that I met him and his family, I was welcomed. I was treated like I was one of them. I got big hugs and kisses on my forehead. I got "we can't wait til we see you again" when we left. I always loved being in their home. They were there for our wedding. They offered to let us use their backyard for the reception and when in the end we decided we were afraid of rain, they helped us set up their church's cultural hall. They helped set up and take down. His wife and Matt's grandma made us a beautiful quilt complete with engagement pictures and one of the temple we were married in. They are a good family and my life is better because I know them. He was active in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He reactivated many people- some of those that have had generations of impact. That is why it was sad- because the world lost a good man-someone who made everything better around him every day. However, being there at the viewing and funeral, a different feeling overwhelmed my body. It was comfort. I know that I have had a testimony of the plan of salvation since the beginning. What I didn't know was how knowing that can change what you feel at a funeral. He is safe. He is happy. He is healed. His wife and family only have to be without him while they are still here on this earth. When they pass away, they will see him there- waiting to give them hugs and kisses.(and probably waiting to play a prank on them!) With the gospel of Jesus Christ and the plan of Salvation- death does not have to be a completely sad experience. It is sad now- for those that are left here without him. But in the end, it will be ok because we will get to be together again.

Ron Page will not be forgotten. His memory- his spirit- his happiness will continue in all those who knew him. One of the things I will take with me and try to do better at is loving my family and treating everyone I meet as if they are my oldest friend. They deserve that. He taught me that. You are loved, Ron. We all love and miss you.



September was busy! In fact- I doubt I'll get all of the AWESOME pics/videos into one post so you'll have to keep checking back! Jarhead has learned so many new things this month! He's getting so big and is starting to seem more like a "real boy" each day. (as opposed to our baby boy <3) He loves to cruise along the furniture, walk with you, crawl everywhere, fight with the pillows, slap Mr. Clean's bald head, make funny faces, imitate you, and of course- just be happy. He is almost always smiling or laughing or making funny faces that will make you laugh! Jarhead and I got to go home for my brother's wedding in the middle of the month. We went to my mom's house for a few days first, then up to PA for the wedding, and then stayed there a few days. Mr. Clean got to come join us in the middle of the trip. It was short and busy but it was great to see him. So- funny story. Mom, Jarhead, and I picked Mr. Clean up from the Philly airport. He was getting in at a crappy traffic time (4pm!) so we decided to stop for dinner. We told him we were going to my mom's friend's restaurant. The GPS guided us there and told us it was on the left. All of a sudden from the backseat we hear Mr. Clean go "CHEEBURGERCHEEBURGERCHEEBURGER" It was like a kid on Christmas morning. SURPRISE!(My mom's friend really does own a restaurant but an Italian place on the other side of town) My mom and I also love this place so we were really excited to go. I'm so glad we decided not to tell him before we got there that we were going. It was SO funny I really wish I had captured it on camera! Here are some fun pictures from the trip!