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oh, california....

<3 what a beautiful place to be! and an exciting week ahead!


Exciting News!!

1) I understood most of my meeting yesterday! EN ESPANOL <3 I was so excited, i took notes and i just understood most of it... takes a second to process so if i write it down i think i catch on quicker..

2) family is in town! so exciting, more updates to follow because they just get here today!

3) I got contacts! well, contact. I only need it in my left eye!! i've never had contacts! I tried them when i was about 12 but it didn't work out to well and so trial 2 is going well! and i'm so happy about it!

anyway, sorry for the lack of posts. life is life. wonderful and busy and nothing is new...


So Beautiful

Sorry, it's been so long since I've posted and I'm not going to really post anything new and exciting right now, however, i wanted to post a link to a post from a blog that i follow.

i love her writing. i had her as a teacher my freshman year and every day i felt uplifted and ready to face the world, i feel that same way when i read her blog. anyway, i wanted to share it.

things are wonderful here and i love life, i love summer, and i love matthew.