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July 2013

Almost caught up! I dont even remember June so I'm glad I had so many pictures! Let's be honest tho, I dont remember much of July either. Mr. Clean's parents came out for the 4th and we blessed Lego that weekend. It was a beautiful blessing! We loved spending time with family.  Next thing I really remember is Mr. Clean's 30th birthday! I surprised him by getting a sitter for Jarhead and taking him to Ruths Chris! He loved it!

Jarhead sure loves his brother!

Sparkler fun!

1 month old already!


I love my boys!

- started smiling
-loves his big brother
-loves to be held
- wakes up about 2ce a night
-loves to eat!

-speaking so well. full sentences
-starting to recognize words
-LOVES to learn about shapes more than anything else. We're shape searchers quite often.
- Spiderman is his absolute favorite. EVERYTHING is spiderman. He often calls me Firestar, Mr. Clean-Iceman, and Leg- IronMan.
-loves to pray and says our evening prayers. He never forgets to pray for the missionaries. 
-misses his friends. It's been hard to see them often.
-SUCH a great big brother. He sings to Lego, helps with his binky and giving him his blanket, and tells him "its ok" when  hes sad.
-probably more things that I'm forgetting right now..

Mr. Clean and DeMom
- loving summer.
-finally getting out of zombieland. some days :)
-loving life with our two boys!

June 2013

Baby "Lego" came in June! On his due date! Here's his "shortened" story!
June 3(Monday) around 8 pm I started having what I thought were contractions. They weren't very strong but they were pretty regular. I had done a lot that day (including moving the couches to vacuum) so I figured it was from that. They kept me up some of the night but I was able to get a good stretch of sleep. It's not like I was sleeping well anyway at that point! 
When I woke up in the morning, they started again. They were pretty regular- about 7-9 minutes apart.. I didn't think I was still in labor (haha. silly me) so I went grocery shopping, having to keep stopping b/c of the contractions. I decided to start timing them when I got home and they were consistant but not getting closer together. They were getting stronger tho. I decided to call the Dr about 4pm since I'd had them for so long... She said to go into the hospital to get checked so I sent Jarhead with his aunt and cousin to go to the duck pond and Mr. Clean came home from work. Our friends, Heather and Jeff, took Jarhead the whole time! T- S! Jarhead loved it!! Anyway, We got in to the hospital and I was only at a 1! I was about to cry! That's what I had been since 36 weeks! When, they hooked me up the machine, they told me I was actually having contractions every 3-4 minutes but the middle ones were smaller (I thought it was just lingering pain from the big ones). They decided to keep me and within an hour I had started progressing. Not that that meant he was coming soon. At least I got an epidural :)
About 5 am on June 5, I was finally able to start pushing. Legos heart rate had dropped multiple times during my labor and they had to keep putting me on O2 and laying me in different positions. It kept dropping even more when I started pushing. He was posterier and they tried to turn him with her hand and with forceps- neither of which he liked. So I was rushed into the c-s where I'm pretty sure I was in there and cut open within 5 mintues. It was so scary how fast everyone was working! Once they got me all set up in the c/s they told me his HR had gone back up and everyone relaxed some. Our beautiful baby boy was born at 6:51. I had some bleeding so the c/s took a bit longer than expected but I got to hold my little man within an hour or so after having him. It was beautiful. 
This means the rest of our little people will be c/s. Apparently, the way my body is, the DR didn't think I'd be able to deliver a baby over 6 lb! I'm glad we tried for a vbac but I'm glad there is modern medicine and I was able to get into the c/s fast enough and my little guy was healthy! 
He was 8 lb and 9 oz and 20 inches! 

family pictures!

Jarhead meeting Lego!

 Jarhead got a big brother bag from Lego. He loved it!

all ready to go home!

so glad my momma came to help us for a week! I couldnt have done it without her!

first bath! didn't love it!

Mr. Clean's mom also came out to help with our nephew that was born. It was great to see her too!

edit: i forgot to add our family pictures. Jarhead is a natural! Lego did great too :)