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Lack of Updates

I know there have been a lack of updates! i'm really sorry.. This summer has been so busy for us but i promise I'll update with all of the fun pictures soon.
 In the meantime, I just wanted you to know that our little boy is growing well and i'm feeling pretty good too... The little guy is starting to kick more now and I love feeling him. Matthew loves it too and it still shocks him a bit to feel it so strongly...we're narrowing down names and picking out the things that we want for him to have.. such an exciting time of life!!

 life is busy but it is so good. i'll give you pictures soon!


Ten Years in the Making

About 14 years ago, my mom and dad moved to South Carolina. They would soon get divorced and I would be sent on an up and down roller coaster of life. Little did I know, that this trial would turn into one of my greatest blessings. My mom soon met and started dating a man named Eddie. We moved in with him and his two children. His parents were active members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We'd occasionally have family home evening with them and we'd always have prayers before dinners at their home. What a spirit I felt there. I started going to their ward. I soon became friends with Keri and Chelsea and became quite close with their families. Over the next few years, I would continue to learn about them and their religion. Finally, the summer of 2000, I decided to start taking the discussions. The missionaries came over often to teach me the doctrine of the church.
When i first joined the church, I truely had no idea what things in my life would change and what a HUGE decision this was. I mean- I knew I'd have to be good, I'd have to be different from my family, I'd have to figure out what I really believed in, and I would have to just press forward no matter what. Now, as I'm older, I realize what an eternal decision I made when I was so young. The decision was definitely not made on my own and those people that helped me make that decision have helped change the lives of people for generations. Because of their example, their patience with my questions, their loving and comforting answers, and their true dedication to the gospel of Christ, I was able to know that even though I didn't know everything I was getting into, I would be okay. I knew that by making the decision to be baptized I would have the comfort of my Savior all the time to help me continue to do what was right.

And now, 10 years later, I am still a member of this wonderful church. I am married and sealed for time and all eternity to the most wonderful person in the whole world and we are starting our family with our first little boy. i have learned a lot over the years, and i am continuing the learn. that's what this life is about. learning. 
Life is going to continue to change. It's going to become more complicated. It's going to become better. I grew up knowing who i wanted to be. I was taught by my family and by others that i love that I can do anything I waned. 
As i'm getting ready to bring a child into this crazy world- i have never been more grateful for the gospel in my life. I'm grateful that Matthew's family raised him to be a wonderful man, husband, friend, and father. I'm grateful that Pacman and Spasm were patient with me for 5 years. i'm grateful they were married in the temple and that I saw and knew what I could one day have. I'm grateful that my family was so supportive and let me know that even though I was choosing a different path than they did, that they would still be there for me. I'm grateful that when we bring our little boy into this world, he will see the love that Matthew and i have for each other and the love that we have for our Savior and for His gospel. One day, when i am much older and I look at my children, and their children, I will once again be comforted to know that on August 4,2000 I made the right decision. It was hard and it will continue to be hard but it is worth it. Every minute, every trial, every tear is worth it. 
Life is good. Life is changing. and hey, that's what this life is all about.

happy 10 years to the first big change in my life. :)