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April- June

Oy! Am I behind! Here's a quick little recap of April- Oct! I have SOO many pictures from our most recent vacation that I'm uploading today and hope to post soon! I'll put them in a few posts!

We've had a ton of visitors since April- Mom C, Grams, Grandpa Tony, Mom and Dad C, Gma & Gpa H, Papa Bob, and friends! We've been busy! We've also started preschool ( a co-op) for Jarhead and we love it! I love being able to teach and he loves going and being with his friends. Lego is learning so much these days! It's always something new!

July-Sept will come soon! Then our busy busy easy coast trip!


Grams and Gma C came to visit.. These boys are just such good friends.. they play so well together. They could live outside. Jarhead is still obsessed with superheros and Lego loves everything balls and animals.. They are such different kids!


loving this weather! no visitors in May but we played a lot with friends, made yummy food, had our anniversary and mothers day!

we had a GREAT anniversary and I had an awesome mothers day.. I have such a sweet hubby and two sweet boys!

dad v and mom c came out to visit! we celebrated Lego's 1st birthday!! can't believe the little guy is 1!! (and now almost 18 months.. crazy- time flies!) Busy month!

more to come! lots of love!

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